0x (ZRX) Coin: Price Prediction 2019-2020, News, and Facts

0x (ZRX) Coin: Price Prediction 2019-2020, News, and Facts

The idea of tokenizing the world is no longer new. This is actually utopia to some extent. But the 0x team offered a sensible and balanced approach to a tokenized economy that the community liked. The popularity of the 0x platform is constantly growing. The ZRX coin didn’t always show good dynamics, but now it looks quite promising.

What is 0x?

It is a free open source platform for creating applications and other digital products that allow you to tokenize the economic relationships between people. In essence, 0x is a means of creating a new, more efficient, transparent, and fair financial environment. This is a trading ecosystem for creating and exchanging digital assets. Transactions on the platform take place on the Ethereum blockchain.

After updating the 0x protocol, the platform’s functionality significantly expanded. The following directions of use are now available on it:

  1. Games and Collections – game developers and creators of digital art objects can provide users with the ability to exchange and store various gaming or collectible items. This can be made possible by the creation of unique (non-replaceable) ERC-721 tokens.
  2. Forecasting applications – the most vivid example is the Augur platform. You can read more about it here.
  3. Decentralized loan applications – investors can sell and resell loans.
  4. Stablecoins – using 0x protocol, one can create a stable token for their projects.
  5. Token trading.

The platform is characterized by flexible integration. Any product can acquire exchange functionality, whether a gaming souvenir or a hotel.

0x (ZRX) Team

Since August 1, 2017, when the first version of the project network was launched, the team has fundamentally increased. Only 6 enthusiasts were “pathfinders” in the company, now the stuff comprises 35 professionals. Meanwhile, the project is open to new employees. The peak of employment was observed in the fall of 2018. While the market was in fever, 20 specialists became part of a young 0x team.

The backbone of the company consists of these guys:

0x Team

The Medium-based project’s blog outlined the team’s philosophy. They have a noble mission – to overcome the global financial injustice. In their opinion, the transfer of physical assets to the digital world will make it possible to equalize the opportunities of citizens, regardless of the country in which they were born. But the achievement of such a goal is not properly disclosed. Maybe this is the play on righteous feelings of users? Doubtful decision. However, we do not deny the importance of tokenization of the economy. That’s the future. However, we don’t think that this is the solution to all human problems.

ZRX Coin – Short Review

This is the main token of the network. It ensures its functioning, and also acts as a basis for the exchange of assets between users.

Its ATH was observed in January 2018. Then the coin price was about 2.37 dollars.

The choice of exchanges to trade this coin is quite wide. These are worldwide known flagships: Binance, HitBTC, UPbit, OKEx, Huobi Global. For thrill-seekers, there are a number of lesser-known websites.

  • ZRX0x$0.290290-2.04%

0x (ZRX) Coin News

One of the upcoming events related to the development of the project is EthCC 2019 (Ethereum Community Conference), which is a conference dedicated to Ethereum. On March 5, 2019, all projects based on the Ethereum blockchain should present their vision of the development of the ecosystem. Probably, 0x team will demonstrate the developments of new updates.

In September of this year, we are waiting for the launch of the third version of the 0x protocol. It is assumed that the functionality of the platforms will become even more diverse. The project’s team showed that if it updates its product, it’s not about nothing, but with real innovations. Most likely, this will be a reform package that will be able to take the coin out of a prolonged adynamia.

ZRX Coin Predictions for 2019, 2020

General market trends cannot but affect the value of the cryptocurrency. ZRX is subject to general fluctuations. This is not the altcoin that is able to go against the flow. But can we count on growth? Surely, yes. But before making certain conclusions, let’s analyze the determining factors of the pricing of the ZRX coin.

Bullish factors are as follows:

  • The project already has experience in the digital asset market.
  • A serious update of the protocol will trigger the growth rate of the token.
  • The price of the ZRX is ostensibly on the bottom, which means that those who rely on growth can buy well.
  • The team chose a promising activity.

Bearish factors:

  • The platform is not very popular, and the projects created on it were not successful enough.
  • The action plan for the development and promotion of ecosystems does not have clear provisions.

Well, not everything is so smooth. But the state of the market allows us to talk about augmentations. In 2019, the ZRX price increase will not be explosive. This is not the same pump coin that was in 2017. The plan for the first half of 2019 is $0.4. By the new year 2020, $0.5 mark looks realistic. If you think that we underestimate the possibilities of the crypto, it is not so. Unlike the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin, ZRX didn’t show the recovery of former volumes in February 2019.

However, the situation can change dramatically with the release of the 3rd version of the protocol. Modernization of the blockchain and its functionality can cause a dramatic increase in the coin’s price. A temporary return to bygone heights (but not more than 1 US dollar, in our opinion) is possible.

Disclaimer: We do not give investment advice. This is a subjective analysis of publicly available data.

0x (ZRX) Coin: Price Prediction 2019-2020, News, and Facts
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