Art and Bitcoin Can Help the People of Venezuela

Art and Bitcoin Can Help the People of Venezuela

Famous artist @cryptograffiti, who popularizes the blockchain and the cryptocurrency through art, presented his new project. In the Colombian city of Cucuta on the border with Venezuela he created a fresco which consists of 1000 painted bolivars. The picture depicts the odious dictator Maduro.

As part of the #AirdropVenezuela movement, @cryptograffiti invited the community to send some cryptocurrency as charity. Thanks to this, 100,000 Venezuelan families will be able to receive financial assistance.

For every donation made one of the bolivars will be torn from the picture by Venezuelans, who literally and figuratively destroy Maduro. This is how @cryptograffiti explained his concept.

Crypto donations have already begun to be donated. Twitter has already published the process of “destruction” Maduro after the first donate.

In the future, Maduro’s 2 eyes (the corresponding parts of the fresco) will be raffled. They will be received by the most generous person and the most fortunate person.

Erik Voorhees, an American startup founder, have also participated in the charity art project, sending BTC for a total of $1,000.

The participation of respected community members in Bitcoin charity enhances the credibility of the project. Erik have said that he believes that the crypto sent to them in support of the Venezuelans will be used for its intended purpose.

The population of Venezuela is in a terrible financial situation. Many families can not allocate money for the purchase of prime necessities. At the same time, material and humanitarian assistance cannot be rendered due to problems with crossing the borders of this state. Cryptocurrency becomes almost the only way to support those in need.