Cryptocurrency of Mac Owners is at Risk

Cryptocurrency of Mac Owners is at Risk

Apple computer users should become more attentive. As reported by Palo Alto Networks, a cybersecurity company, a new virus has been identified that was developed specifically for MacOS. Malicious software is known as CookieMiner. It steals cookies from an infected device. The program is interested in cookies, which are transmitted to cryptocurrency exchanges. CookieMiner allows cybercriminals to acquire passwords, usernames, financial information and any other data that is stored in the Chrome browser. The vulnerability of other browsers is not yet discussed, but this does not mean that Chrome is the only problem.

The way out of the situation is the quickest cleaning of the cache after using cryptocurrency, trading on the stock exchange or other financial transactions. If this is not done, the risk is high not to see more of their savings. The data obtained allow hackers to enter an exchange on your behalf (if 2-factor authentication is disabled) and carry out all the necessary manipulations there.

Experts advise to refrain from downloading applications from non-official sources (not from AppStore). The virus is embedded in various applications. But the likelihood that such an application could quietly get into the AppStore is extremely small.

Be careful. Even in a falling market, the interest of hackers in your cryptographic currency is very high. Perhaps they anticipate growth.

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