Flori Marquez BlockFi: Net Worth, Forbes, Husband, Wikipedia

Flori Marquez BlockFi: Net Worth, Forbes, Husband, Wikipedia

Flori Marquez is a young woman from the Forbes 30 under 30 list. She is the co-founder of BlockFi crypto exchange. However, after the collapse of FTX, her business experienced some problems. How has her net worth changed and is she still on the list of the richest people in the crypto industry?

Flori Marquez: Income, BlockFi, Wiki

The girl was successful long before she became part of the BlockFi team. By 2017, when the exchange was created, it had already earned its first million dollars. Flori has collaborated with many fintech companies. The girl became interested in bitcoin earlier than most users, so she made good money on its growth.

Marquez teamed up with Zac Prince to launch a successful cryptocurrency exchange. At the time, it looked like it would outdo Binance.

For many years, her main source of income has been salary and dividends from the work of her company. She does not disclose the size of her share in the crypto business, but it is definitely no more than 50%.

Its annual profit directly depends on the work of the exchange. At the best of times, she could earn up to $10 million a year. After the fatal mistake of Zac Prince, who began to cooperate with FTX, Flori can forget about such figures.

Whether the woman has an additional source of income is unknown. It will definitely stay afloat thanks to its cryptocurrency holdings. She can start her own blog at any time. She has a lot of followers, especially on Twitter. Now she does not monetize her media presence. She is often invited as an expert on shows and podcasts. She probably doesn’t get paid for it.

Flori Marquez Net Worth 2023

Net worth of people associated with cryptocurrency is very unstable. When the market was at its peak, Flori Marquez was worth $500 million. Clearly, a significant portion of this amount comes from the valuation of BlockFi as an enterprise.

At the end of November 2022, BlockFi began bankruptcy proceedings. Therefore, in 2023, Flori’s wealth is at least 2 times less than it was before. We estimate it at $100 million, but we see the possibility of growth to $200 million in case of positive dynamics in the cryptocurrency market.

Who is Flori Marquez’s Husband?

Many mistakenly believe that the entrepreneur received her wealth thanks to her husband. This is not true. At least because Flori doesn’t have a husband and has never been married. Zac Prince is her business partner and friend. Other possible relationships are not known to the public.

Where Marquez got the start-up capital we can only guess. She has worked in highly paid positions for a long time. Flori is a talented specialist, so she was able to earn money to buy cryptocurrency. In the bull market, her investment turned into $1-2 million.

Crypto Portfolio

Flori Marquez BlockFi Net Worth

Due to the fact that the businesswoman is quite reserved in her personal blog, it is very difficult to determine her favorite coins. It can have a cryptocurrency worth 1-2 thousand in Bitcoin equivalent. Anyone with a capital of more than 1,000 BTC is a really big player in the market. Most likely, a woman keeps most of her capital in Bitcoin and Ethereum.