Intel Will Protect Digital Content Authors With the Help of Blockchain

Intel Will Protect Digital Content Authors With the Help of Blockchain

Blokchain-technologies are becoming more pervasive in our life. Now they can also serve as a means of protecting the copyright of digital contentcreators.

Intel filed a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office, which describes how to use blockchain to upload information about its creators’ copyright to digital images.

According to the patent application, the digital content will be uploaded with information identifying the author, as well thaton where and when the copyright object was created. In addition, using this technology, information on further copying and/or changing the content will be available. Further unauthorized adjustments to the object will be detected without any problems.

With the help of various types of software, an automatic evaluation of the initial parameters of the copyright policy for each object is carried out. For the base content and for subsequent changes, a unique identifier capturing “shadow images”is created. In addition, new software based on blockchain technology allows you to block content changes that do not correspond to the downloaded data on the copyright protection policy.

The main reason for developing this innovative product is obviously the desire of Intel to protect its industrial developments:both completed ones and those which are being created.