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Mozilla Firefox Will Fight Against Hidden Mining

Mozilla, a popular web browser, will be much safer. This is bad news for fraudsters who are engaged in hidden mining of cryptocurrencies.

On April 9, 2019, Mozilla Firefox published a statement saying that with the upgrade of the browser, users will have the opportunity to block websites that mine crypto unauthorizedly. Mining scripts like CashBeet, aster18cdn, CoinHive, CoinPot, CryptoLoot, CryptoWebMiner, Freemine, Gridcash and MinerAlt are now powerless when browsing with Firefox.

This is good news, because the fight against malware is always relevant. This is a negative example of the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. But the community can’t get away from various scams. The main thing is to be vigilant and take preventive measures. With the new Mozilla Firefox update, this will become easier.

By the way, from personal experience, Mozilla is an excellent browser that will help protect your privacy. For example, you can disable geolocation – Google will not know where you are (but the search results in the engine will change). In addition, you can deactivate the sending of queries to the search engine, prohibit tracking by sites, as well as collecting data for online advertising. In some cases, Firefox is faster than Chrome, therefore, in our opinion, at the moment Mozilla is undervalued.

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