Why is Vitalik Buterin Against Blockchain?
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Why is Vitalik Buterin Against Blockchain?

At the annual Ethereum Developer Conference, which was held in Prague from October 30 to November 2, 2018, Vitalik Buterin spoke unflatteringly about using blockchain in non-financial areas. This week this news was picked up by the English-language publication Quartz and the Russian-language resource ForkLog. Subsequently, the Internet was filled with a host of dubious information. We have decided to find out what exactly the ETH creator is not satisfied with popularizing blockchain.
In an interview to Quartz, Buterin has expressed his opinion that blockchain is often used only for hype in advertising campaigns. In addition, many folks believe in its future and try to share their aspirations with others. And that’s fine.

The IBM food trust blockchain project, which is supposed to provide transparent and reliable food supplies with constant quality control, has not impressed Vitalik. He believes that the assessment of the quality of products is too subjective. “But blockchains are a neutral tool, not arbiters of truth.”
In fact, the Ethereum originator hasn’t respond categorically to other directions of the blockchain technology. He’s only noted the need for a deeper analysis of the blockchain capabilities. In his opinion, it is too early to draw conclusions about whether it makes sense to use the new technology somewhere other than cryptocurrency and facilitating international transfers.

As you can see, Vitalik has nothing against the blockchain outside the crypto. Such a conclusion can be made only after analyzing the original source (Quartz). Be attentive.

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Why is Vitalik Buterin Against Blockchain?
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