Alvara NFT

Alvara NFT

Alvara NFT is the first cyberpunk-style RPG with a detailed universe and lore, well-drawn pictures, and a chance not only to enjoy an interesting storyline but also to increase your assets.

What does the game economy design look like?

The project will allow players to not only enjoy the quests and history of the Alvara world but also earn cryptocurrency. 5% royalty of all resales on opensea and 50% of the payment for the most important operations performed on the NFT state will be transferred to a DAO, which will be managed by Divine Category holders, as well as by those players who have reached the Divine Category during the game.

How is Alvara NFT generated?

Each photo is a distinct and unique work of art. All NFTs are algorithmically-generated. This special algorithm eliminates repetition. The team uses Chainlink VFR as a source of randomness, so we don’t know in advance the NFT sequence.

ALVARA NFT bound to Ethereum

When you buy NFT, 50% of the amount will be reserved at the smart contract address. There will be a restriction in the smart contract withdrawal function, even the developers will not have the ability to withdraw the reserved funds.

The total amount reserved will also increase due to the commissions received for reselling NFT on the secondary market. For example, if Alvara NFT is resold on the secondary market, 2.5% of the resale price will be transferred to the smart contract account and will be added to the reserved funds. Thus, the total amount of reserved funds will be constantly increasing!

To get the reserved funds you have to burn your NFT. For example, if you have N NFTs left, and your total sum of reserved money is M, you will get M/N ETH if you burn your NFT.

This all ties the NFT to the Ethereum and makes it look like a bond. If Ethereum grows, so does the value of NFT. This also makes NFT floor price will never go lower than M/N ETH. Moreover, NFT price and floor price in ETH will also only grow due to the inflow of commissions.

In the future realization of Alvara NFT we will direct other cash flows to it, which will increase its value even more.

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