Kris Marszalek Net Worth: How Rich Is Founder?

Kris Marszalek Net Worth: How Rich Is Founder?

Kris Marszalek is the founder and CEO of the popular crypto exchange Kris is a respected person in the crypto community. He is the author of a successful crypto project that brought him millions of dollars. Problems with the FTX exchange hit his company as well. Is there a chance for a millionaire to lose his wealth? What income does the exchange bring to him and in what coins does he keep his capital?

How Does Kris Marszalek Make Money?

Kris has worked with e-commerce all his life. Back in 2004, he founded the Starline Polska electronic design studio, then several other projects, and only in 2016 entered the cryptocurrency market. He was a very rich man long before the stock exchange was founded. He earned his first million dollars around 2005-2006. At a fairly young age, he was already a successful businessman with an enviable capital.

Net worth of an entrepreneur at the time of the creation of was about $20 million. He decided to try out a new market, as he was always looking for new ways to make money on the Internet. Marszalek has never done offline business. No wonder blockchain and cryptocurrencies caught his attention.

Most likely, he bought the first coins long before 2016. He most likely became interested in digital assets during one of the first bull runs in 2013. Please note that he created his own project exactly when Bitcoin completed the correction and showed a reversal. This speaks to Marszalek’s serious analytical skills and intuition. Many entrepreneurs, bloggers, traders, who are leaders of public opinion today, entered the market much later. Their success is due to chance. Kris is definitely not in this category of crypto millionaires.

Kris Marszalek Net Worth 2023

Most of his wealth Kris is thanks to the exchange. She from the first days of work interested users. When the market capitalization boomed in 2017, Marszalek was earning several million dollars a month. In 2023, is no longer the most popular bitcoin and altcoin trading platform. The average daily turnover of the exchange is only 200-300 million dollars. This is not even the top 10 exchanges for this indicator. Most likely, the personal income of a businessman is about 100 thousand dollars a month, or about 1 million dollars a year.

The CEO is not a billionaire. Most likely he never was. Its net worth depends on the price of cryptocurrencies and trading volumes. In 2021, he could have a net worth of $900 million. Now this figure hardly exceeds 700 million dollars. Our personal net worth estimate is $600 million as of 2023.

Crypto Assets

Kris Marszalek started buying cryptocurrency around 2014-2015. Then he could buy about 1000 BTC. He has no reason to trade his coins. He is most likely a long-term holder. There may be several thousand BTC on his personal wallet now. According to our calculations, crypto assets occupy approximately 20% of his capital (about $100 million). If the exchange survives a difficult period, then next year he can get into the club of billionaires.

The businessman has over 100,000 followers on Twitter. Its status does not allow to give signals and forecasts. He is quite restrained in his statements about preferred projects.