The Newest Airdrops or Where to Get Free Crypto Today

The Newest Airdrops or Where to Get Free Crypto Today

Airdrops are now popular ways of promoting projects in blockchain sphere. Among fans of free cryptocurrency, they are even more popular. The essence of airdrops is simple – you perform a simple task and are granted a cryptocurrency in return. We created a list of airdrops in which you can participate right now.


Quarteria ( is a blockchain-based real estate agency. This is a decentralized service of selling / renting real estate.

What do you need to do? To receive freebies, fill out the form, and also subscribe to their Telegram and Twitter, where you should make 1 retweet. Fill in your NEO wallet address and get 50 XQT tokens worth 6 USD.


IRIS ( is a digital healthcare system based on blockchain technology. Iris Electronic Healthcare Record gives you the ability to monitor information about your health and allows you to decide who, when and where can access them.

What do you need to do? You need to fill out a form, including: subscribe to Twitter, retweet the message, and subscribe to the channel in Telegram and Reddit. You will receive 200 tokens (worth 5 USD).


Triwer ( Triwer has created a project of courier express delivery of parcels. Triwer distributes 15 million TRW tokens so that airdrop members subscribe and join its Telegram channel.

Here’s what you need for freebies:

  1. Subscribe to Telegram
  2. Register on
  3. Go to “airdrop” section in the toolbar.
  4. Send your Telegram ID and ETH wallet address.


Trident ( is a mobile payment service based on a cross-connection that will include useful and necessary tools and functions for investors and traders.

Trident distributes 40 TRDTs for subscription and support on social networking channels.

What do you need to do? Subscribe to the channel in Telegram: and subscribe to Twitter:


Coinpaws ( is an online game with anime characters.

What do you need to do? Provide your ETH-address, get the code, insert the code into the telegram-bot; subscribe to the channel in Telegram: You will receive 800 coins.


Superset ( is a system that allows anyone to create smart contracts, using English language.

What do you need to do? Fill out the form, Bitcointalk identifier, subscribe to the channel in Telegram. The total size of the freebie is 80,000 coins, which will be divided equally among all the participants.


EatMeCoin ( is an innovative way to use blocking technology to solve problems with loyalty programs.

What do you need to do? Fill out the form on the website and get 260 coins.


Whyral ( is a decentralized social environment that allows brands and media stars (opinion leaders) to create advertising campaigns.

What do you need to do? Join a Telegram chat below: get 10 coins.

P.S. Be aware that that the received tokens would not be so easy to convert to popular cryptocurrency or fiat money. There is a high probability that you will be able to use the tokens only within the platform that has granted them to you.