Top 10 Blockchain Security and Smart Contract Audit Companies

Top 10 Blockchain Security and Smart Contract Audit Companies

Blockchain networks and technologies have reached global acceptance. As a result, the security and safety of blockchain-based projects have become a high priority for businesses. The need and importance of a safe digital environment lead to the rise of various security audit companies. They constantly present innovative solutions and audit services designed for neutralizing and removing potential security vulnerabilities common in the blockchain territory.

And as the crucial component of every blockchain project is a smart contract, ensuring the code’s functionality and improving its security posture is the main task of any audit company. 

So let’s move on and explore the top smart contract audit companies and see what services they offer.

Top Smart Contract Audit Companies

Before we jump to the primary part of our topic, let’s first explore the main reasons for performing a smart contract security audit.

  • Identifying possible errors and mistakes in smart contract codes of your project and remediation process;
  • Validating and verifying your digital wallet and removing the errors;
  • Finding bugs in the system;
  • Ensuring a secure environment for your customers;

Smart contract auditors are specially trained and qualified; that’s why after the audit, your funds and transactions will be safe and secure.

ConsenSys Diligence 

ConsenSys Diligence provides security, consulting, and smart contract audits for Ethereum and Blockchain. The primary resources of the company are designed for Ethereum blockchain software and applications.


Hacken is one of the leading global companies offering security audits of Ethereum, TRON, Blockchain Protocols, and EOS smart contracts. Its primary specialty is extensive blockchain security services.


Quantstamp is another well-known company that specializes in smart contract auditing. Customers can automatically manage smart contracts security analyses and reviews with its decentralized security platform. Quantstamp also has a security monitoring tool that works 24/7. 


Certik’s security services include static analyses, manual analyses, and formal verification. With the help of a formal verification process, the smart contract code will work as intended, even in emergencies.

PWC Switzerland 

This company provides a thorough assessment of smart contracts, analysis of their viability, and monitoring of results after the deployment process.

The security professionals of PwC Switzerland conduct consulting and auditing services for blockchain projects from the review phase to the post-deployment stage.

Trail of Bits

Trail of Bits mainly focuses on the construction and architecture of smart contracts. The company offers a variety of open-source tools for assessing the Solidity language applications, smart contracts security, and the EVM or Ethereum virtual machine.


Blockchain ecosystem security is the main specialization of SlowMist. The auditing services include smart contract audits, wallet, and blockchain security testing. 


OpenZeppelin is famous for its Contracts development. The contracts are primarily used in Solidity projects and serve as a tested template for deploying on decentralized applications. It can be helpful for developers who can integrate this solution. 

Runtime Verification

Runtime Verification is another auditing company that specializes in formal verification. And though this method is time-consuming, it can mathematically ensure that the code meets all the required standards. Along with formal verification, the company also offers traditional auditing services.


The last one on our list is Chainsulting. This audit company offers solutions for validating smart contracts security and integrity, software development, consulting, etc. 

The companies mentioned above provide a detailed audit report after the complete process. The information includes the entire assessment of the system, identified problems, review results, and possible solutions and approaches for remediation.