Wendy O Crypto Net Worth: Earnings, Investment, Forbes

Wendy O Crypto Net Worth: Earnings, Investment, Forbes

Wendy O Crypto is a TikTok and YouTube star who gives subscribers cryptocurrency market analytics, forecasts, valuable advice, and sometimes just a good mood. The girl attracts attention not only by the quality of work, but also by her bright appearance. This is part of her successful marketing, although she sometimes takes offense at the fact that some men perceive her solely as an object of desire. It’s really their fault, because Wendy (although that’s not her real name) has a lot to learn. She really managed to make a lot of capital.

Wendy O Income

The girl earns money from her activity on the Internet and investments in cryptocurrency. Perhaps her husband played an important role in her wealth, but there is practically no exact data on him and his activities. We have no doubt that he will also be interested in digital assets, but only as an investor.

Wendy differs from other Internet analysts in that she chose a non-standard platform for broadcasting. She focuses on Tik Tok and a younger audience. Her colleagues prefer Twitter, which is used by people in their 30s. Wendy O Crypto is trying to educate those who are between 18 and 25.

The girl does not trade futures, or at least does not focus on it. She makes predictions but rarely discusses specific deals. We believe that she is a long-term holder of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. She prefers to trade conservatively on the spot or with 1x leverage. We don’t see this as her main source of income, although she can still make several hundred thousand dollars a year from it.

2/3 of her income comes from content monetization. This is not only advertising on YouTube, but also advertising contracts and referral programs. Wendy is very careful when it comes to creating content, so you will not find direct advertising for dubious projects. But there are still more accurate integrations. This is important for any blogger of this type.

The girl trades on the Bingx exchange and places a referral link in the public domain. This can bring her several thousand dollars a month.

Wendy O Crypto Net Worth 2023

She is far from the richest representative of the crypto community. The influencer has been working on the cryptocurrency market since 2018. Even then, she received the first successful experience of earning money. Her fundamental knowledge definitely allowed her to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. For this reason, we believe that its net worth cannot be less than $1 million.

The market does not always go in the direction that investors want. This year, her net worth can range from $1.5 million to $2 million. In the event of an exponential growth in the total market capitalization, these figures can increase by 2-3 times, because up to 50% of its capital is stored in cryptocurrency.

The expert girl is not on the Forbes list, so all estimates are quite approximate. But we won’t be surprised if it soon turns out that Wendy’s real net worth is much more. She is truly an expert in her field. Even CZ Binance subscribed to her Twitter. This means that she has the talent and the ability to earn on both pumps and dumps.

Crypto Portfolio

Wendy O Crypto Net Worth

The girl does not give direct advice and recommendations on the formation of a portfolio. It teaches you to understand the market, use risk management, and analyze the news. Her crypto assets can be judged by indirect signs, such as short messages on social networks or positive forecasts for some projects.

In addition to BTC, she has DOGE, SOL, ADA and SYS in her wallet. This is definitely not a complete list, but the more coins we mention, the less accurate this data will be.