86 Thousand Stores in Europe Will Open Doors for Cryptocurrency

86 Thousand Stores in Europe Will Open Doors for Cryptocurrency

World famous cryptocurrency payment gateway Coingate has announced the launch of joint project with developers of e-commerce web application called PrestaShop. Two companies have signed partnership agreement. Thanks to their joint efforts, about 86,000 stores across Europe will be able to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. In addition, about 50 altcoins, in particular Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, Dash, EOS and others, will be available for use in stores.

According to Coingate management, online platforms will be interested in this project because of the automatic growth of their popularity among crypto enthusiasts. In addition, by giving green light to cryptocurrency, they might receive significant advertising advantages. PrestaShop apps will allow small and medium-sized stores to make a big step towards their customers, since cryptocurrency is not just an innovative product, but also a popular and cheap way of paying for goods and services.

Coingate CEO said that more and more people would like to have the opportunity to use their cryptocurrencies for shopping, which means that shopping networks and online stores should start accepting crypto. This will overcome the growing gulf between online sellers and their customers.

This project seems to be interesting because Coingate provides guarantees related to specific peculiarities of the cryptocurrency market. First, the price of the goods will be fixed at the time of purchase, so price fluctuations will not surprise either a seller or a buyer. Secondly, the store, if it wishes, can receive payments in EUR. All work with the cryptocurrency will be taken by Coingate.

PrestaShop and Coingate in total cooperate with more than 300 thousand customers, which means that the project presented by them has all the chances for success.

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