Adult Content Lovers are Not Ready for Cryptocurrency

Adult Content Lovers are Not Ready for Cryptocurrency

VogoV, one of the representatives of the adult content industry, has published data from a study on the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment for X rated videos. Bitcoins and some altcoins are accepted by about 500 video sites of 18+ category, fifty webcam platforms and as many sex shops. But considering the scale of the industry it is miserable.

As it has turned out, the lovers of watching naked women & men do not opt for crypt. This is largely due to their low awareness. For most of them, crypt is something vague and suspicious. This is clearly contrary to common sense, but it is a fact. Despite the enormous benefits of crypt for users of this kind of content, it remains just a pleasant option on some sites and platforms.

However, the industry is not going to abandon innovations in the form of Bitcoin.

“The benefits of cryptocurrency for adult businesses are so great” that “we would love to go 100% crypto in the future,” Lisa Moore, vice president of VRPorn, has said.

As you can see, the crypt market is not developing as fast as those who use it would like. But the fact that the representatives of the industry for adults are firm in their decision to use bitcoin and altcoin, suggests good prospects. Popularization of crypt will promote its introduction into these piquant spheres of life. The porn industry itself can promote crypt to the same degree. So if you pay for X rated videos, do it in crypt. In this way, you will help society build the bright future.

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