Airdrops 2018 (Summer): Get Cryptocurrency for Free

Airdrops 2018 (Summer): Get Cryptocurrency for Free

If someone does not know, airdrops are a way to promote and popularize a product by paying tokens to those who fulfill the promotional task. For a regular crypto market participant, airdrops is a way to get a free coins without investment and other complex manipulations. Typically, airdrop tasks requires a user to make a repost, retweet, subscribe to a company page in social networks and so on. Of course, airdrop sums cannot be called large, but periodically participating in airdrops, you can accumulate good cryptocurrency capital.

We again compiled for you a list of airdrops in which you can participate now. 

Swiss Alps Energy AG (link) is a company that offers an innovative solution to save energy through the use of mining equipment, namely the heat it generates.

What do you need to do: fill out the form on the website of Swiss Alps, subscribe to their channel in Telegram and on the page in Twitter, make a retweet and get 7.5 tokens worth about $6.

Araw (link). The company positions itself as a global e-commerce market. Tokens ARAW are used as a payment method both in online stores and in “brick-and-mortar” stores.

What do you need to do: go to the Araw website and create an account. As a reward, you will receive 500 coins.

Calfin Global Crypto Exchange (link) is Singapore’s first insured hybrid crypto platform (as the company calls itself). The company offers services in crypto-invoicing and exchange of crypto-currency.

What do you need to do: become a member of the company’s chat in Telegram, fill out the form on the CGCE website, confirm the e-mail and receive a reward of 90 coins.

Blue Whale (link) is a decentralized ecosystem that unites self-employed people from all over the world and makes it easier for them to find ways to realize their labor potential.

What do you need to do: join BW in Telegram and fill out the form on the company’s website. You will get 400BWX.

Ekindu (link) is a global collaborative platform where you can find like-minded people and unite with them to create and launch products or services.

What do you need to do: fill out the form on the company’s website and become a happy owner of 107 coins worth about $6.

XcelToken (link) is a virtual currency that can be used to pay for air tickets, hotels, restaurants, bars and spas. This token was created for use in the entertainment and tourism industry.

What do you need to do: fill out the form on the company’s website in the Airdrop section, join XcelToken page in Telegram, Facebook and Twitter. For all this work, you will get 100 coins.

KPR Medical Solutions (link). The company plans to provide Australia, and in the long term the whole world with high-quality cannabis, namely medicinal products based on cannabis, produced by industrial means.

What do you need to do: simply register an account on the company’s website.

BitMinutes (link). The company provides its platform for providing low-cost financial services of a non-banking nature. The token is used to pay for air time on this platform.

What do you need to do: join the company channel in Telegram and get 25 tokens.

P.S. Do not put too much hope on airdrops, a especially on received tokens. Far from all coins grow perfectly. In addition, you may wat a long time for profit. Not all tokens can be converted to fiat money or bitcoin. In addition, pay attention to the fact that the freebie does not come immediately. Very often the users get airdrops after the completion of the ICO or other events, stipulated in the conditions.

We encourage you to participate in TRON (TRX) airdrop. What do you need to do? Follow the link. There you will see a fairly simple algorithm of actions. You will get a reward from 2 to 6 TRX. This is a well-established product on the market, and therefore you will not encounter unpleasant surprises.