Binance Listing Fee Goes to Charity

Binance Listing Fee Goes to Charity

We previously expressed the suspicion that the top crypto exchange Binance might be ready to list any shitcoin for money. Now it is making changes to its financial and listing policy. All payments for listing new coins will become open to people and will go to charity in full.

Those projects, which want to get on Binance, as before, will have to report on their ability to pay a fee, which is now called a donation, as well as on the desired number in the queue for the listing review. However, the exchange will not set the minimum amount of such a fee.

Such an innovation, according to the Binance team, should upgrade the exchange’s charity initiatives, as well as popularize the blockchain technology, which is designed to serve the common good, not to satisfy someone’s financial interests. It is reported that soon other, no less interesting, changes are expected.

If the coin is already under review, then representatives of the exchange advise its creators to update their application with an appropriate number. But the fact that the contributions will be sent to good deeds does not mean that the approaches to the prelisting analysis will change. Moreover, the amount of donations will not affect the chances of a coin to become part of the Binance market. At least, the management of the exchange state that.

It is gratifying to realize that such a crypto giant will direct huge money to charity. We hope that the public will be notified about where exactly the money from listing fees will go.