Carl Runefelt Net Worth: Forbes, Income, Crypto Assets

Carl Runefelt Net Worth: Forbes, Income, Crypto Assets

Carl (The Moon) Runefelt is a young crypto entrepreneur and blogger. In 2022, he was included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. He has hundreds of thousands of subscribers on various social networks and YouTube. Almost all of his capital consists of cryptocurrency.

Carl Runefelt Income: How Did He Become Rich?

Runefelt got rich at the end of 2017. This surprisingly coincided with the bull run when Bitcoin went up 10 times in price, and some altcoins even 100 times. Of course, this is not a coincidence. It was at the beginning of 2017 that the young man decided to invest his savings in cryptocurrency. We do not know the exact starting capital, but most likely it was no more than 10 thousand dollars. Working as a cashier does not allow one to accumulate capital for a very large investment. However, the correct distribution of even small funds in just a year made a young millionaire out of an ordinary young man. The further type of activity no longer caused doubts for Carl. To this day, investing in cryptocurrency is his main source of income.

Monetizing content on YouTube can bring him up to 250 thousand dollars a year. However, this is an insignificant amount relative to his net worth. Most likely, he immediately invests this money in new interesting projects.

As an additional income, he trades on the stock exchange. He uses little leverage. For one transaction, he can make up to 200 thousand dollars. He does not do this often because he likes to catch big price fluctuations.

Carl Runefelt Net Worth 2023

Most sources call the Swedish Bitcoin enthusiast a billionaire. They attribute a $1.1 billion net worth to him. Considering that 90% of his savings are in cryptocurrency, such an estimate looks very doubtful. Note that Forbes included Carl in a prestigious list, but did not mention his net worth. Other sources do not support their claims with facts.

According to our estimates, Runefelt had billionaire status until the beginning of 2022, but in 2023, he does not have such capital. The reason for this is the volatility in the cryptocurrency market. He didn’t go bankrupt, but the dollar equivalent of his portfolio is now lower than it was. A net worth of $500 million looks plausible. Even this is enough to consider Carl one of the richest people in the cryptocurrency market.

In another year, he may have a capital of 2 or even 3 billion dollars. It all depends on the market situation.

How Much Bitcoin Does Carl Runefelt Have?

Carl Runefelt Bitcoin

The young millionaire is positive about the entire market. He is ready to buy not only Bitcoin but also promising altcoins. However, he acknowledges the dominance of BTC in his wallet. In addition to the first cryptocurrency, he has a large amount of ETH. Carl is also an NFT fan. He is willing to spend millions of dollars on these tokens. The young man made very positive predictions about Dogecoin. He definitely has a good supply of this cryptocurrency.

Runefelt often talks about his portfolio but has never made a full report. He may have around 1,000 bitcoins. This is very big money. This does not make him a market maker, because sometimes this amount of cryptocurrency is traded in 1 minute on Binance. However, there are not many people in the world who own such a large amount of BTC.

What Cypto Startups Does Carl Runefelt Invest In?

Carl Runefelt Forbes

According to the crypto influencer, he has already invested in 400 crypto startups. You can find out about the projects with which he collaborates on his Twitter. A man makes semi-advertising posts, promoting companies in which he has a stake or whose tokens he bought.

Runefelt is the founder of MEM Lifestyle Coaching LLC. He is also a respected investor in the Kasta cryptocurrency project. He actively promotes the Medieval Empires blockchain game on social networks. It is very likely that he has a share in this project.