Coin Bureau Guy Net Worth, Income and Crypto Portfolio

Coin Bureau Guy Net Worth, Income and Crypto Portfolio

Guy Turner (not the fact that this is his real name) is one of the founders of the most popular YouTube channel about cryptocurrencies Coin Bureau. For several years now, he has been the face of the company and a person whose opinion is very important for ordinary users. The man has extensive experience in finance. He has a large income, and investing in crypto makes him very rich. However, his social networks are fundamentally different from the social networks of bitcoin bloggers. There are no luxury yachts, private jets, villas on the seashore. How is this possible?

How does Guy Turner from Coin Bureau make money?

Guy in the cryptocurrency market is not accidental. He was interested in this topic long before those who now hype and trade forecasts. In 2013, he already had bitcoin. Guy paid with coins in a local pub. Now he regrets it very much.

The man received fundamental knowledge of financial markets from his father and in special courses. He was always trying to find a way for a profitable investment. Guy wasn’t (and isn’t) a trader. His strategy fits perfectly with the word HODL. This always brought him income, but he was not really rich. He even tried himself as an actor. But it didn’t end up being anything serious.

Coin Bureau appeared as a collaboration between friends of crypto enthusiasts. The information platform quickly became popular. The founders began to receive income from advertising, subscriptions and referral programs. Guy is the leader of this project because he has charisma and great experience. In 2019, the YouTube channel Coin Bureau appeared, led by Guy. He is also a content writer.

The income that lies on the surface is the monetization of content on YouTube and social networks, as well as the operation of the Coin Bureau information portal. Guy gets up to 75% of the money the project gets. $500,000 a year is a very real figure. We did not take into account crypto assets in this assessment.

Coin Bureau Guy Net Worth 2023

Coin Bureau Guy Net Worth

The crypto YouTube leader has a long career. Money did not fall to him from the sky. His capital was the result of hard work. Coin Bureau Guy made his first million dollars in 2017. This is partly the result of a pump in the cryptocurrency market, and partly the popularity of his site.

Guy remains a millionaire this year, although he is not the richest person in the industry. He avoids risky trades, does not trade leveraged futures, and prefers serious analysis to cheap hype.

We agree that his net worth could be $10 million. This looks like the truth. Some bloggers brag about investing that much, but in Guy’s case, he definitely has the money. He is no longer a boy and knows the value of money. This gives him the opportunity to triple his net worth in the event of a new bull run.

What Crypto Does Coin Bureau Guy Invest In?

The opinion leader is a very conservative investor. He always has a supply of fiat currencies. He leaves himself room to maneuver. In the crypto portfolio, BTC takes the first place. He allocated about 20% to ETH. He left only 30% for other altcoins. He has raved about DOGE many times, which hints that he has a supply of these coins. The man continues to hold SOL (although it is believed that he got rid of the coin at a price higher than $100). He has ADA in his wallet, but we do not know the exact amount.