DDoS Pentest for companies: importance and solutions

DDoS Pentest for companies: importance and solutions

Among all the existing types of cyberattacks, DDoS has nowadays become one of the most powerful and widespread. They are conducted in order to make the server, network, or app unavailable. Millions of such attacks damage the reputations and financial systems of companies and may seriously decrease their productivity. However, due to ddos pentest businesses can evaluate their resistance towards attacks, find out weak points and discover the ways to avoid them. 

Importance of Pentesting for Business

Modern vendors for cybersecurity provide the following testing:

  • Identification of weak points in the configuration of the system used. 
  • Checking the already utilized security tools for their adequacy. 
  • Testing of resistance of the apps and networks or their parts. 
  • Simulation of real cyberattacks.

All these measures taken together allow a customer to get ready for future attacks on their systems and apps. During the procedure, specialists always highlight the directions that hackers are going to use. So in the face of a serious risk of attack, the previous testing helps to create and use effective mitigation procedures. Therefore, if such an attack happens, there will be needed only a brief time to bring back the system to the normal functioning mode.

Solution for DDoS Pentesting

If the issue of importance is clarified, you still may be wondering who provides the best service in this area? One of the most well-known and respective vendors in the sphere is Hacken that provides affordable penetration testing pricing and high-quality service.

The company regularly monitors the professionalism and knowledge of its specialists and organizes training. That minimizes possible risks and damages for clients. Moreover, Hacken specialists stay in touch with clients on the regular basis after testing to be sure that everything goes well.

Generally, by applying the service of this company, you can build strong security and ensure the effective functioning of your systems even when the cyber threats are numerous and constant.