Craig Wright Net Worth: How Rich Is Self-proclaimed Satoshi?

Craig Wright Net Worth: How Rich Is Self-proclaimed Satoshi?

Craig Wright is an Australian programmer who assures the whole world that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, and the Bitcoin blockchain was created by the team he leads. We have already written a little about his biography, education and scandals around his person. It’s time to put aside the disputes about the creator of BTC and figure out what the current net worth of the crypto influencer is.

Craig Wright Source of Income

Craig Wright is a successful programmer. Regardless of who the real Satoshi is, the Aussie has always had jobs at big computer companies. He could easily earn $1-2 million there. The man is the founder of a cybersecurity company. He is also a cryptocurrency and blockchain consultant. He can often be seen on talk shows, universities and educational events. If the first two types of activity definitely bring him good money, then the last one is his hobby.

If you do not take into account the investments of Craig, then every year he can earn about 500 thousand dollars. His knowledge and experience are in demand in the IT field. He made his first million dollars around 2013. At the end of 2017, his net worth reached $100 million for the first time. After that, the programmer’s wealth grew steadily.

How Many Bitcoins Does Craig Wright Have?

The wallet believed to be owned by Satoshi contains approximately 1.1 million bitcoins. To say that this is a lot is to say nothing: look at the current rate of the first cryptocurrency. This wallet first showed activity only in 2022. We have doubts that Wright has anything to do with this digital gold vault. If you think otherwise, you can find out his net worth using a calculator and not get to the bottom of the truth.

We believe that the Australian programmer has several hundred bitcoins, but his greatest wealth is Bitcoin SV (the result of a BCH hard fork). Craig was one of the main ideologues of the blockchain split. This suggests that he had a lot of BCH in his wallets. Both BSV and the revamped BCH did not gain anything from this fork, but holders of a large number of coins were able to quickly increase their capital. We attribute Wright to such ultimate beneficiaries.

Craig Wright Net Worth 2023

We estimate the stocks of cryptocurrency that the IT genius keeps in their wallets at $100 million at the average rate of this year. During his long career, the man acquired a considerable amount of real estate and other valuable property. All this gives reason to believe that his net worth reaches $200 million. If price records are repeated, his capital will be approximately $400 million. We take out of brackets all those billions that some sources attribute to him. However, even without a Satoshi wallet, Wright has one of the largest capitals in the crypto market.

By our estimates, Craig stores approximately 50% of its assets in cryptocurrency. His image is strongly associated with scandals, but he does not make hype on incredible forecasts and all-in bets on futures. Presumably the man is not engaged in trading at all. He gradually sells his supply of coins as the price rises.