Erik Voorhees Net Worth: Earnings of Bitcoin Millionaire

Erik Voorhees Net Worth: Earnings of Bitcoin Millionaire

Erik Voorhees is one of the richest people in the cryptocurrency market, a successful businessman and investor, the founder of the ShapeShift decentralized crypto platform. He has seen the ups and downs of bitcoin and other coins. He has vast experience in digital assets. He was able to convert his crypto into a huge fortune.

How Does Erik Voorhees make money?

Bitcoin appeared in early 2009, and a few years later Erik earned his first million on it. The man has a degree in Business Leadership and Political Economics. So he worked for a while until he was able to raise enough capital to build his own blockchain platforms. The first was SatoshiDice, a gambling platform whose main means of payment was bitcoin. Later, Coinapult appeared – a proto-exchange that provided liquidity and provided cryptocurrency storage services. In 2014, Voorhees no longer had either the first or the second company, but for that he had about 150 thousand bitcoins in his wallet. Now this is an astronomical amount. Then the cost of one coin was much lower, but this did not stop Erik from becoming one of the youngest crypto millionaires.

Voorhees reinvested his BTC and launched ShapeShift decentralized exchange. It still functions today. The company is Erik’s main source of permanent income.

Voorhees also positions itself as a private investor. His LikedIn profile indicates that he has been engaged in this type of activity since January 2022. Where exactly at this time the businessman invested money is unknown. It is unlikely that we are talking about cryptocurrency, because he has it by default.

Given the number of his followers on Twitter (nearly 700 thousand), Voorhees could be considered a blogger. However, don’t even try to blog. He expresses his thoughts, and the crypto community appreciates his opinion and listens to him. A huge blog does not bring him money.

Erik Voorhees Net Worth 2023

We found that many sources underestimate the capital of Voorhees. His net worth for many years is more than 100 million dollars. We do not know why most sources indicate that the net worth of Erik Voorhees is 10-20 million dollars. Now some bloggers and traders have so much money. A successful businessman who stood at the origins of the market has long outgrown young guys who were helped by chance.

Like everyone else in the industry, Erik’s net worth depends on market trends. This year, the investor owns a capital of $200 million. This should not be considered the final assessment, but it looks plausible enough.

Crypto Assets

Erik Voorhees Net Worth

Erik owes his wealth to cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin. He has a huge audience on Twitter, so he is very accurate in his statements and forecasts. For this reason, it is very difficult to know the exact content of his portfolio. There is no doubt that he is a major BTC holder, but the list of his favorite altcoins is not so obvious. We think that Voorhees is a bitcoin maximalist. This means not only that he accumulates coins, but also that he does not want to scatter into small coins. At the moment, his crypto assets can be valued at 1000 BTC in bitcoin equivalent.