(Lazycoins) roundup and domain update (Lazycoins) roundup and domain update

A few years ago, LazyCoins finally migrated their entire system and wallet to the domain from As Daniyal Daychopan assures: “We are preparing for all our users a huge surprise in the cryptosphere that will turn the entire crypto market upside down. I can’t say what exactly it is yet, but it’s something completely new and useful for every person on the planet. Stay tuned (”. From his statement, it became clear why they transferred the entire exchange to a new domain so long ago, they have been preparing their new product for a long time, which will be hosted on their first domain.

After the January leak, it became clear that the new project would be related to the NFT. They are preparing a revolutionary service that the entire crypto market needs today, as they say. Well, they have proven themselves incredibly well as an Exchange and remain the most secure crypto wallet online to this day. We look forward to hearing from them.

Another good news is that has passed another independent security audit. After this news, the number of users exceeded the mark of 2,000,000 users, which is a very impressive figure today, if only because the volume of trading and cryptocurrency turnover on Lazycoins exceeds $2 billion, which is a very high indicator in the crypto market today.

On Lazycoins you can open an account, trade cryptocurrencies, transfer and accept payments. They really care about the security of their users’ data and cryptocurrencies. The exchange is built on a decentralized blockchain and a smart contract that provides complete isolation from third parties or even company employees. That is, using Lazycoins, only you manage your funds and no one else. It’s incredibly safe and easy. One has only to try and most likely you will stay with this service for a long time or even forever.

Source: cointelegraph