Eternal Token (XET): Price Prediction 2023 and Review Wesi

Eternal Token (XET): Price Prediction 2023 and Review

Cryptocurrency Eternal Token (XET) has become available for trading quite recently (since August 10, 2018). It stirred particular interest in connection with the September pump when trading volumes reached $1.5 million. These are huge volumes for the new participant of the cryptocurrency market. What kind of crypto is this and how much will it cost in the near future?

Eternal Token (XET) Official Website

Not everything is so simple with the official website of the Japanese company Atom Solutions, which has developed and launched XET. It is not available in all countries. We do not know why the server blocks access to the site from IP addresses of some European countries. If you cannot get to the company’s website, you can use plugins or apps that allow you to change your IP. We have managed to go there through the British IP.

Eternal Coin (XEC) or Eternal Token (XET)

Atom Solutions has developed not only Eternal Token but also Eternal Coin. These are two different projects, although they are related to each other.

XEC is not a cryptocurrency. This is a digital asset that is designed to convert and transfer fiat. Electronic currency is available on corresponding wallets. It can be used to send the Japanese yen, the Hong Kong dollar and the Philippine peso.

However, such operations are possible only in the jurisdiction of Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines. It was the expansion of the project that made it necessary to create an appropriate cryptocurrency.

Eternal Token is an ERC-20 token (Ethereum based). Each owner of ХЕС digital asset can opt for the crypto in 1: 10 ratio.

There have been issued 200 million coins, which are not subject to mining.

Where to Buy the Token

This cryptocurrency is available today on IDAX and SistemKoin. In March 2019, ХЕТ will be available for trading on H&B. It is possible that by that time the token will have been listed on other exchanges. If pumps continue, the coin will definitely attract Binance’s attention.

Eternal Token (XET) Price Forecast for 2022-2023

Today XEC users are still moving to XET cryptocurrency. We associate the rise in this cryptocurrency price with this fact. The project cannot be called unique, but the dynamics of the “everlasting token” volumes shows that the platform is in demand.

The future price will largely depend on the coin’s listing on top exchanges. We believe that within six months, the choice of exchanges for XET trading will increase significantly. However, there are no obvious reasons for the price of the coin to remain on the post-pump peak today.

You can see our forecast of the crypto’s price for the next year in the table below.

Period Eternal Token (XET) Price Predictions
Autumn 2022 $ 1.5
December 2022 $ 1.6
Winter 2023 $ 2.1

Disclaimer: we express our opinion on the future of cryptocurrency. We try to make only reasonable conclusions. However, you should not take our forecast as a growth guarantee or an investment plan.