Gemini Has Listed Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Satoshi Vision Is In Question

Gemini Has Listed Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Satoshi Vision Is In Question

Today, December 8, 2018 the list of cryptos on the Winklevoss twins’ exchange has replenished. Bitcoin Cash can be traded now there. The exchange supported the fork from ABC and listed the new cryptocurrency. Like on other exchanges, Bitcoin ABC was marked with the familiar “BCH”. The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS) has already been notified about the new financial instrument on Gemini.

Please note that the exchange wallet only supports Bitcoin ABC network. If you start transferring Bitcoin SV or other coins there, you will simply lose your money.

As for the main competitor of BCH, the listing of Bitcoin SV is unlikely to happen in the near future. According to the Vice-President of the Exchange Eric Wiener, the features of the “true Bitcoin” are analyzed. BSV may appear on Gemini in the coming months (or not).

This exchange is distinguished by selectivity in listing. While Binance does not hesitate to add dubious coins, getting on Gemini is a sign of a high appreciation of a cryptocurrency.

Reports of listing, as a rule, lead to temporary price surges. But, taking into account today’s incredibly bearish market, even the fact of stopping the fall in the BCH price can be considered positive. However, with the start of trading on the Winklevoss brothers’ exchange, the coin has a chance to improve its position on the market.

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