Jackson Palmer Net Worth: How Rich Is DogeCoin Founder?

Jackson Palmer Net Worth: How Rich Is DogeCoin Founder?

Jackson Palmer is one of the founders of the phenomenal DogeCoin coin, which Elon Musk loves very much. Lucky investors have been able to earn tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to this coin. It seems that Jackson is a real market maker with huge capital. Is it really so?

How Did Jackson Palmer Become Rich?

Jackson Palmer is a respected person in the crypto market, but few people know that he has been working at Adobe for many years and is not going to change jobs. Jackson holds a Diploma in Marketing and Management. Back in 2009, he became part of the Adobe team. Now he is Sr. Director of Product Management with a good salary and social status. His experience and contribution to the development of one of the world leaders in software development allow him to count on several hundred thousand dollars a year. Most likely, his salary reaches 300-400 thousand dollars a year.

Jackson became part of the DogeCoin project in 2013. Even experienced participants in the crypto market do not know that the mem-coin is older than most other tokens. Palmer came up with the idea to use popular memes to promote the coin. Jackson took over the marketing part of the job while his friend Billy Markus handled the software. Each of them made a huge contribution to the future success of DOGE.

Jackson received his share of coins and fame, but later left the project. According to some reports, he is still involved in his work, solving some point problems. DOGE significantly increased the man’s capital, but not as much as you might think.

Jackson Palmer Net Worth 2023

When DOGE set a price record in 2021, its capitalization reached $80 billion. One of the co-founders of the coin could easily have 500 million – 1 billion dollars. It sounds logical, but not in this case. Analysts’ estimates differ, but everyone agrees that the net worth of Jackson Palmer does not exceed several million dollars. We are more generous in our assumptions. We believe that this figure can reach 10-12 million dollars. He could accumulate about $2-3 million thanks to his work at Adobe, and $7-8 million thanks to investments in cryptocurrencies. This amount can increase by about 50% if the cryptocurrency market capitalization reaches ATH again.

Jackson Palmer Net Worth Crypto Assets

Jackson doesn’t have the biggest net worth for a top cryptocurrency co-founder. This is due to the fact that he distanced himself from the project before its incredible growth. However, we are confident that DOGE brought Palmer about $5 million. Some sources claim that in 2017 the marketer sold his DOGE. There is no doubt that he got rid of some of his portfolio after the pump, but there is no reason to believe that he sold everything. He had no problems with money, so he could hold the crypto further.

Now he owns about $1 million worth of various coins. Most likely in his portfolio you can find BTC, ETH and DOGE. He often posts on Twitter with his ideas and thoughts about the development of the crypto industry. His opinion is important for many owners of cryptocurrencies. However, Jackson is not a top influencer and does not seek fame on social media.