MDX500 Review, A Brokerage Working Hard to Empower Online Traders

MDX500 Review, A Brokerage Working Hard to Empower Online Traders

The year 2020 has been among the cruelest of the years in the history of modern era. From millions of people losing their jobs and thousands of companies shutting down, the COVID-19 situation has dealt a really hard below to the global economy.

Now that the state of emergency resulted by the pandemic has been lifted, the world has started to get back on its feet. Global Economy has started to regain what has been lost in the past 6-8 months. However, the entire world has realized the importance of the online trading. Because in the darkest hours, it was online trading platform that helped people earn and keep food on their tables.

People who ended up losing their jobs to the COVID-19 situation found a new hope where they could make small investments and make hefty profits. To tell you the truth, I was also among the people who had lost their job to the pandemic and was desperate to find myself a reliable and secure source of income.

How My Search Landed Me on MDX500

I was part of the customer satisfaction sector myself and always tried to empower my customers and assist them in every way possible. The company I worked for was customer oriented meaning that they always cared for their customers and were determined to solve their problems no matter how much effort it required.

My initial efforts in finding myself such firm were all in vain and after spending so much time and hours, I had almost given up. Then, I stumbled upon a forum, which listed some of the top online trading brokerages. So, I went ahead and performed a thorough study of each firm and this is when I found MDX500.

As I went through the content of the site, I knew that my search had finally come to an end and my days of worry were about to change for ever. Since then, I have been a part of this brokerage and I am cherishing the profits and fortunes that I have been making through MDX500. As you are now reading this article, it means that you are already my internet buddy so allow me to enlighten you about MDX500 so we can move on to becoming MDX500 (online trading) buddies.

MDX500 at a Glance

Broker          MDX500
Account Types Standard, Bold, VIP
Trading Platform MDX500 (Downloadable on Windows, Android, iOS)
Minimum Deposit $250
Asset Index Forex Baskets, Crypto, Commodities, Indices
Trading Tools Live Forex Market, Economic Calendar, Trading Strategies, Forex Indicators, etc.
Education Weekly trading sessions
Customer Support Phone and Email
Owned By Expand Solutions Ltd.
Website Language More than 100 languages


Variety of Trading Assets Offered by MDX500

If you have already done your homework finding one of the most reliable online trading brokerages, you must have noticed a similarity. The similarity here is that majority of the trading brokerages tend to offer only one trading instrument at a time. There may be brokerages that excel in forex trading or stocks trading. However, MDX500 excels in almost every trading asset, which has been made possible with the team of highly skilled trading experts and analysts in the online trading assets.

Indices Trading

One of the major trading assets in the online trading market is Indices trading that deals with the collective asset value of a group of companies. These groups may comprise of companies belonging to the same sector or a country.

In stocks trading, you are required to buy assets of the company that has its shares available in the public markets for purchasing. However, Indices trading does not work this way. In case of Indices trading, you get to choose an index out of hundreds of index such as Nasdaq, S&P 500 Index, FTSE 100 Index, Nasdaq Composite and many more.

Once you have selected an index, you can either choose to open a long (buying) position or a short (selling) position. Based on these positions, you can predict whether the price of the index is to take a rise or fall. If the decision goes in your favor, you make profit and it doesn’t, you end up with a loss.

Commodities Trading

Commodities trading means that you get to choose one out of hundreds of naturally occurring instruments that are extracted from the surface of the earth. These resources are extracted through mining, drilling and agriculture.

If you choose to trade with an instrument such as wheat, cotton, maize, corn, pulses etc. then it is soft commodities that you have decided to trade in. And if the trading instrument belongs to the group of resources such as gold, copper, crude oil etc. then it is hard commodities.

In commodity trading, you can chose either of the instruments based on its volatility, demand and position in the world economy. Once you are satisfied with the instrument, you can wait until the prices of that instrument go higher and you can sell them to earn profits.

Forex Trading

In the online trading market, Forex trading is considered to be the most promising, reliable and profitable trade. At present, the daily transaction volume that flows through the forex platform is around $5.5 trillion. The reason behind the success of Forex trading is the instrument that is known by everyone around the globe, which is currency.

However, in forex trading, you get to choose a pair out of 65 plus pairs of currencies that are offered by this platform such as USD/EUR, GBP/AED, AUD/NZD etc. Once you choose a pair, you can keep an eye on its volatility and the price trends. Once the price of the either of the currency goes up against the other currency, you can sell the currencies and make profits.

Due to its high liquidity nature, forex is considered to be the most promising trading asset currently being offered in the online trading platform.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency is the most recent member of the online trading platform that came into being in the year 2009, with the launch of Bitcoin (BTC). Since then, more than 6000 cryptocurrencies have been introduced in the blockchain industry, where each currency holds its own value, price and volatility.

In the state of pandemic, the entire world has witness the potential of the cryptocurrency trading platform and the number of unique users on the crypto-platform has increased from 35 million to a whopping 100 million in the past couple of years.

Among all the online trading assets, cryptocurrency is the one that has experienced a significant amount of growth and following. In cryptocurrency trading, you can choose a crypto that can be Bitcoin (BTC), Ethehreum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or any other and keep a close eye on their price. Once the price of the asset grows higher than the current price, you can sell it off to make profits.

Trading Accounts That MDX500 Offers

Now that you have  gone through the variety of trading assets that MDX500 has to offer, it is time for me to get you acquainted with the trading accounts MDX500 offers their customers. Similar to the list of trading instruments, MDX500 has three trading accounts that focus on the trading experience and capabilities of each investor to provide them the best services:

Standard Account (For Basic Traders)

The very first account in the list is the standard one that has been created keeping in the mind the investors who are novice to this market and require some basic training before they can start investing.

If you think that this is the right account for you, then you can acquire this account by making a deposit worth a minimum $250. Once you have the ownership of this account, you can avail leverage up to 1:30, which is the maximum no matter the trading asset.

You can also trade with spreads starting from 1.30 and trade with all of the trading assets (Indices, Commodities, Forex & Cryptocurrencies) offered by MDX500. You can avail up to 80% margin calls and if you ever find yourself stuck in a situation, you can contact MDX500’s 24/7 customer support via live chat support or via call.

Bold Account (For Average Traders)

If you start trading with the standard account and feel that you have gathered all the information you needed in this account, and wanted to move on, Bold account is the perfect choice.

So if you are ready and are willing to make a deposit of minimum $3000, you can get your hands on MDX 500’s Bold account. Owning this account will grant you a maximum leverage of 1:30 for your trading activities no matter the asset.

With the Bold account, you have the opportunity to trade with spreads starting from 1.50 in any of the trading assets (Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Forex & Indices) offered by MDX500. Similar to the standard account, your margin calls remain up to 80%.

The Bold account offered by MDX500 grants you access to the latest trading news and insights on every trading instrument. If you have any query that needs answering, you can acquire the services of the customer support, personal account manager or seek guidance from the senior account analyst.

VIP Account (For the Professionals)

MDX500 has put this account and its services for investors whose trading skills and observations are equals to professional level traders.

So if you think that you have the courage and the patience to face the challenges of the highest trading markets, then you can make a deposit of 12,000 to get ownership of this account from MDX500. Owning this account means that you have literally everything that MDX500 has to offer their customers.

The very first service in the list is the leverage amount, which is again 1:30 and trading spreads starting from 0.1. Similar to all the precious trading accounts, VIP account also grants you up to 89% margin calls. Having this account in your possession also grants you access to daily trading signals.

If we talk about the real-time customer support, none of the other accounts has any choice to compete with the VIP account. Apart from the basic level customer support, the customers can seek guidance from the personal account manager, senior account analyst and senior account chief analyst.

MDX500’s Self-Developed Trading Platform

While the big names in the online trading industry tend to offer trading platforms such as Web Trader, Meta Trader 5 and Meta Trader 4 etc. MDX500 has developed a trading platform all by itself.

This trading platform has been developed keeping in the mind the needs of the customers and features that are easy to understand. If you have a look at the MDX500 trading platform, you will see that it comes packed with all the features such as user-friendly trading interface and state of the art trading environment.

If we continue with the list then we must mention the variety of the trading charts, historical reports data, algorithmic trading, and latest trading news and asset insights.

At present, the MDX500 trading platform is available in the form of individual operating system, browser based and android/iOS based platforms.

Useful Content Shared by MDX500

If you are wondering if there are more services and facilities, that MDX500 has to offer. Then you are thinking right.

The first thing in the list are Global Economic insights that keep you posted with the latest events that can have an impact on the prices of the assets you are trading in. The second service in the list is Economic Calendar that you can use to see the fixed events that have are bound to have an impact on the prices of the assets.

The third one is the trading analysis, which draws a line for you that you can follow to improve your judgments and decision-making. The fourth and the last service is trading strategies that shows you the maneuvers for the deals to go in your favor.

MDX500’s 24/7 Customer Support

If you ever find yourself stuck in any situation and are about to lose your patience, then you need not to worry about it. MDX500 has organized a team of highly skilled individuals can guide you and keep you pointed in the right direction. These highly skilled individuals make the customer services that MDX500 has to offer their customers, and can be contacted via phone or live chat support.

Are You Patient Enough?

It may be true that the world of trading is very profitable and promising. But the ugly truth is that it is as risky as it is profitable. There are many who thought they could win it all but ended up losing every single penny they had. This is because that they never once thought about the risks that are involved in trading and how much patience is required to bear any loss.

Therefore, if you consider yourself among the same group who cannot afford a loss then it is better you find something else as a mode of income because online trading platform is full of risks and surprises.