Pibexa Review: The Forex and Cryptocurrency Investment Broker

Pibexa Review: The Forex and Cryptocurrency Investment Broker

The quest for financial freedom has drawn a lot of people into the world of financial assets trading. Regardless of a person’s wealth, there is always the human nature of striving for more. This insatiable nature and inevitable scarcity of resources have led to some people having more while others are having little. The scarcity of human resources implies that every individual must strive to possess what he/she needs. One of the ways by which people scramble for success is through investment.

There are many investment opportunities that people take advantage of daily. However, not all business venture results in profit or success. That is why the financial market, and every other investment in other sectors of the economy, is regarded as a risky venture. The financial market especially is laden with risk, which can lead to either profit or loss. Hence there is a need for investors and traders to approach the market with caution.

The financial market is not for the faint-hearted. It requires action by taking advantage of every promising trading opportunity. Although success is not guaranteed by mere utilizing opportunities, as uncalculated approach and greediness has led many to lose all their funds and investments, and have been unable to recover from the colossal loss. The financial market is volatile, changing trends from time to time. Thus, traders and investors must carefully and cautiously make calculated and smart decisions in executing their trades in the financial market.

The financial trading market is an ever-increasing sector, expanding daily. The potentials of making a massive profit from the market are limitless as there are countless trading instruments loaded with profitable trading potentials for every trader and investor in the financial market. There are traders and investors who channel their energy and investment on a particular trading asset and make a considerable profit. Such assets include stocks, forex, metals, bonds, commodities, cryptos, and indices. Still, there are other investors and traders that spread their tentacles into all the available trading instruments and are able to make a substantive profit in their investment.

Regardless of whoever path one chooses to take – either a single trading asset or multiple trading instruments – there is a need to have some basic and technical knowledge of the nitty-gritty of the financial market.

Having a complete understanding of the financial market and the dynamism of market situations might pose a challenge for traders and investors. The reason for this is that investors tend to focus their time and attention on making profitable use of trading opportunities.

Therefore, there is a need to have a platform upon which trade executions can be established. This platform is called a broker or brokerage firm. Brokers are experienced professionals who have had firsthand experience of the market and understand what each trader and investor needs, as well as the technicalities of the financial market.

As an investor or trader, it is essential to choose a broker whose goals and services align with your business and financial goals. Many investment brokers in the financial market offer various trading services to their clients. The range of services provided by a broker will, to a reasonable extent, determine the success or otherwise of traders and investors under its platform. There are brokers that offer a wide range of trading assets, while other brokers focus on a single trading instrument. It is not enough for traders and investors to just identify and choose a broker, there is a need to look into the activities, services offered, and success rate of such a broker, as well as the review of other traders and investors. The reason for this is that the financial market is full of different classes of brokers – legitimate brokers and scam brokerage firms.

Therefore, apart from taking quality time to determine trading opportunities, investors and traders are also required also do calculated research and choose wisely the investment broker they want to pitch their tent with. As many traders and investors have taken financial assets trading as a career and not just a hobby, the choice of a broker will determine how successful that career will be.

No investor or trader in the financial market executes a trade with the intention of making a loss. Every trader’s dream is to make a considerable profit from the market. Having a reliable broker can make this goal or dream seem effortless.

One of the reliable, legitimate, experienced and responsible brokers in the financial market is Pibexa. This review is geared at helping you as an investor or trader make calculated and smart investment decisions in your choice of a legit brokerage firm, and give you ample time to take advantage of every trading opportunity in the financial market. Here is a review of the services and qualities of this broker.

An Overview of Pibexa Brokerage Platform

Broker Pibexa
Website www.pibexa.com
Parent Company FM Consulting Ltd
Location St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Customer Service 24 hours a day and seven days a week (24/7) support – email, telephone, and Contact Us form
Trading Platform Web Trader, Mobile Trading app (available on Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users)
Trading Accounts Silver Trading Account, Gold Trading Account, Platinum Trading Account, and Diamond Trading Account
Minimum Deposit €250
Minimum Withdrawal $50
Payment Method Skrill, MasterCard, visa card, American Express, Bank/Wire Transfer
Trading Tools Market News (Top Trades, Popular Trends, and Financial News)
Safety Compliance Know Your Customers (KYC) policy, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy, Refund Policy, and Withdrawal Policy
Language Options English Language and the German Language
Demo account No
Trading Bonus Yes
Trading Instruments Forex
Education and Training Yes. eBook and News
Live Feeds Provider Reuters

Foreign exchange (Forex) is one of the oldest and the most popular trading assets in the financial market. The popularity of forex has attracted a lot of investors and traders. Pibexa is a leading broker in the financial market, with a particular focus on forex. Pibexa provides traders and investors with an excellent trader experience in the form of trading tools, education and training, features, services, and user-friendly trading platform. The broker was established to provide traders and investor the safest, most convenient and pleasant trading experience in the financial market.

Clients of this broker enjoy up-to-date signals and trading strategies. Pibexa partners with famous Feeds provider, Reuters, to receive and dispense to its clients, live and accurate data streams. In addition, traders are provided with the real-time market price, option prices, graphs and charts, financial and market news, and other trade-related trends.

In terms of the safety of the broker’s platform, Pibexa ensures that traders and investors enjoy rest of mind on their trades and investment. The funds of the broker’s clients are held in a segregated account and are used only for trading options on its website upon the client’s instructions. Besides, communication and data sharing between the server and the clients are encrypted to ensure that there is no unauthorized access. Pibexa also ensures the compliance and implementation of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and the Know Your Customers (KYC) security policies.

The customer service team of the broker is composed of professionals who are vast in the art of client management and understand the technicality of the financial market. With this, they are able to offer support and proffer solutions to the queries and questions posed by the broker’s clients.

To make the client’s trading activities straightforward and easy, Pibexa offers a web-based, no downloading trading platform which is equipped with tools to aid their trades in the market and ensure a pleasant trading experience. There is also a provision for a mobile trading app on its platform. As a result, clients are offered diverse forex products.

Deposits and withdrawal of funds are quick and easy on the Pibexa platform. The minimum deposit is €250, while the lowest withdrawal is $50. Besides, clients are provided with several deposit and withdrawal methods, including MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express, Bank/Wire Transfer, and Skrill.

Pibexa understands that no two traders or investors are the same, as all investors in the financial market have diverse financial and business goals. Hence, the broker provides multiple trading accounts. The clients of the broker can choose any trading account that suits their investment needs and enjoy the same support and value-added services.

Furthermore, the broker offers its services globally and thus ensures that clients can interact with its platform and the support team in two major languages – the English language and German language.

Unique Features and Services of Pibexa

Every investment broker has its unique features and outstanding services that endear its clients to its platform, and distinguish it from other brokerage firms. The following are some of the outstanding qualities and services that traders and investors on Pibexa platform enjoy.

Reliable Trading Tools

The beauty of having a broker is to be able to rely upon its platform, especially when the market gets tough. The volatility of the financial market implies that traders and investors need to have up to date information and trade with caution. Pibexa, in partnership with renowned Feeds provider, Reuters, provides its clients with signals, live and accurate data streams. Also, clients of the broker enjoy a real-time market price, graphs and charts, popular trends, market news, and financial news.

Interactive Trading Platform

Pibexa provides an interactive and user-friendly trading platform for its clients. The trading platform is also equipped with trading tools that can aid the trade executions of its users.

The Web Trader: This trading platform requires no download and is accessible from any internet-enabled web browser.

The Mobile App: The mobile app is a downloadable trading app which can be used to execute trades from any location and at any time. The app is available for download on Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users.

Multiple Trading Accounts

Regardless of the trading experience and financial capability of its clients, Pibexa provides several trading accounts for traders and investors on its platform. Each of these trading accounts has its features and benefits and come with no hidden fees.

The Silver Trading Account: This is the first trading account and is suitable for beginner traders and investors. The trading account has a minimum deposit of €250 and a maximum investment of €999. Clients on this account level enjoy access to the broker’s academy and eBook.

The Gold Trading Account: The Gold trading account is suitable for intermediate traders and investors. The trading account has a €1000 minimum deposit, which can be invested up to €4,999. Clients also enjoy access to the broker’s academy, eBook, and a dedicated account manager.

The Platinum Trading Account: This trading account is suitable for experienced traders and investors. The Platinum trading account has a €5000 minimum deposit and a maximum of €34,999. Holders of the Platinum trading account equally enjoy access to eBook, trading signals, a senior account manager, and expert analyst trading sessions. This account also comes with no withdrawal fee, 100 percent bonus of account balance, interest bearing account option for consolidation of profit, and academy access.

The Diamond Trading Account: The Diamond trading account comes with a minimum deposit of €35,000 and above. This trading account is suitable for expert traders and investors who understand the nitty-gritty of the financial market. Clients on this trading account level enjoy access to the full package, premium contract options, interest bearing account option for consolidation of profit, international MasterCard issued for an easy debit of withdrawal, and 100 percent bonus of account balance. The broker also provides access to a senior account manager and expert analyst trading sessions to assist its clients in their investment decisions. There is no withdrawal fee charged on this trading account.

Top-Notch Security and Privacy

The security and safety of information of the broker’s clients are of utmost importance. Data sharing and communication between the server and the clients of the broker is protected by a series of standard security measures and encryption to protect the brokerage platform from third party interference and cyber-attack.

Furthermore, the finds of the clients of the broker are held in a segregated account. The funds are used only for trading options based on clients’ instructions and are never used for any other cause.

Meanwhile, Pibexa ensures compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and the Know Your Customers (KYC) international security measures. With these measures, the clients of the broker are required and mandated to go through a verification process to ascertain their identity and other background information. This security measure also ensures that the brokerage platform is not used as a channel for money laundering and terrorism-sponsoring activities. Potential clients of Pibexa are mandated to provide Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Residence (POR) documents.

Responsive Customer Service

The broker has a team of professionals who provide all-round support to the clients on account management and other trade and investment-related issues. The support team is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week (24/7) to attend to questions and queries of clients, and provide satisfactory solutions. Besides, the customer service team of Pibexa is vast in human relations and understands the technicality of the financial market, such that every trader and investor on the broker’s platform can rest assured of getting adequate attention and solution.

Multiple Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Deposit and withdrawal of funds and earnings on the Pibexa platform are straightforward and effortless. Clients can deposit funds into their trading account and equally withdraw their earnings/profit, using several payment solutions such as MasterCard, visa card, American express, skrill, and bank/wire transfer. The minimum deposit and lowest withdrawals are €250 and $50 respectively.

Language Options

Clients of this broker can interact with its platform and the customer service team using the two major languages provided by Pibexa. These are the English language and the German language.


Pibexa is a legitimate, reliable and experienced forex broker providing its unique services to traders and investors across the globe. Pibexa has and understands what every trader and investor needs in the assets trading market. The broker’s success in the financial market speaks for itself and has distinguished it among its competitors, making the brokerage firm a top choice among smart investors and traders. This unbiased review is aimed at helping traders and investors in the financial market to make smart and calculated decisions in their choice of legit brokers.