Scott Melker: Net Worth, Earnings, Crypto Assets

Scott Melker: Net Worth, Earnings, Crypto Assets

Scott Melker is a former DJ turned crypto investor, trader and respected blogger. His musical career brought him a lot of money, but he still decided to change his field of activity. Was he wrong? Did the cryptocurrency bring him the desired wealth and does he regret that he stopped working with the stars of show business?

How does The Wolf Of All Streets Make Money?

The Wolf Of All Streets is the pseudonym Scott took on in 2017 when he decided to invest his money in cryptocurrencies and start blogging about high-risk digital assets trading. К этому времени его net worth уже был немного больше 1 млн долларов. Для многих это предел мечтаний, поэтому желание диджея вложить большую часть капитала в биткоин вызвала удивление у фанатов.

Melker’s track record included musical accompaniment to the work of Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and many other rap and hip-hop artists. In the 2010s, Scott became a very highly paid musician. This enabled him to raise sufficient capital for investment.

Scott now has the following sources of income:

  • Consulting. The man gives financial advice and advice to private investors and large companies.
  • Author’s podcast. Thousands of people all over the world follow the opinion of the blogger and his new guests.
  • Blog on Twitter and YouTube. These platforms are unlikely to bring in a lot of money, because Melker is not very fond of placing direct ads.
  • Trading and investment. The man is constantly working with crypto assets.

Scott Melker Net Worth 2023

We assume that Scott Melker bought the first coins (most likely BTC) in 2016 and capitalized on the bull rally at the end of 2017. This was the reason for his immersion in the world of cryptocurrencies. At that time, his net worth was about $2-3 million and remained at this level until 2021. Long-term investment paid off and made Scott the owner of the capital in 10-12 million dollars. Today, its net worth can be estimated at $10 million. He did not lose a lot of money on a global correction, because he is not just an investor, but an experienced trader. Nobody prevented him from opening a short position, making money on the fall and buying the deep. When BTC hits a new Scott Melker price record, the net worth will be at least $20 million. These are rough estimates based on open sources. Obviously, The Wolf Of All Streets will not reveal all the cards to the public.

Crypto Portfolio

Scott Melker Net Worth

There are no cryptocurrencies that Scott would specifically ignore. His blog has space for both top coins and shitcoins. However, this does not mean that all these coins are in his portfolio. Melker can hardly be called a bitcoin absolutist. He is looking for an opportunity to make money on both short and long positions. Most likely, he trades without leverage or with minimal risk.

In his portfolio, there are definitely several tens of BTC, several hundred ETH. He invested about $1 million in altcoins.а We believe that the value of his crypto portfolio is 2-3 million dollars with a significant dominance of bitcoin. To learn more, follow his blog on Twitter. By indirect signs, you can determine the direction of his investment thought at a particular point in time.