Sense of Skibidi Song by Little Big: Crypto and Trading?
YouTube/Little Big

Sense of Skibidi Song by Little Big: Crypto and Trading?

Skibidi Song by Little Big is now very popular, especially in Russia and Eastern European countries. It conquered millions of people with cheerful music, simple text, and perfectly filmed clip with unusual dances. You can watch the video clip if you have not seen it before.

Many people began to think about the meaning of the song lyrics and hidden messages in the video. We managed to find out shocking information. The song is dedicated to all traders in the cryptocurrency market. And, in fact, this information lies on the surface all the time.

Note that the leader of Little Big band has a poker face during the whole video. This is not by chance, because we all know that a successful crypto trader should have nerves of steel and ignore emotions.

The text of the song obviously tells as about the way how everyone is waiting for a new increase in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“Waiting for you to say I want you”. Let’s be honest, we are all waiting for the “moon”.

The chorus obviously illustrates the situation in the market with all its pumps and dumps. “Skibidi bum-bum, Ay” is an obvious reference to how an unexpected dump hurts us sometimes. At the same time, the video shows dances with sex-like movements. This is exactly what whales do with ordinary traders during the price correction.

Pay attention to how many people were involved in the video. Their number is gradually increasing during the video. This is an allusion to the growing popularity of the blockchain and crypto technologies. At the end of the video a lot of people are already dancing, which means Little Big band believes in the future of this market.  🙂

In itself, the name Skibidi refers us to the main cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – and its future price. “Ski” (ski jump) is a reference to ski jumping. Indeed, the graph of the Bitcoin price resembles mountains. “Bi” means Bitcoin, it is too obvious. “Di” (dice) means a dice game. So Little Big believes that the success of a trader depends largely on luck.

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Disclaimer: We analyzed the text of Skibidi song and the video clip. But we could miss some details and make erroneous conclusions. Therefore, do an independent analysis in order to form your own opinion.