That Martini Guy Net Worth: How Rich Is Jordan TMG?

That Martini Guy Net Worth: How Rich Is Jordan TMG?

Jordan TMG is the founder of one of the oldest YouTube channels dedicated to cryptocurrency. Youtuber has been investing in blockchain startups, promising coins, trading on futures for more than 6 years. He is a public opinion leader. Almost half a million people follow his Twitter. His opinion can even influence the market. The young man has earned several million dollars in his career. However, we have something to tell about his actual net worth, because the cryptocurrency market is very changeable and it is important to always have fresh data.

Income of That Martini Guy

Jordan is 100% in cryptocurrency. He has no other source of income other than the digital asset business. In 2016, he launched his YouTube channel That Martini Guy, which was dedicated to his hobbies – cars and racing. At this time, he was actively interested in bitcoin. He heard that experts predict rapid growth, so for several years in a row (since 2013) he bought BTC with free money. Jordan made investments and waited.

A year later, the guy felt how his account was growing along with the cryptocurrency rate. TMG has turned into a blog about a promising new market for the majority and blockchain projects. The guy had something to tell the audience.

Now Jordan is actively trading and accumulating a deposit. On his channel, he reviews important events and makes his predictions. He is very active on Twitter, where he constantly shares his assessment of the current market situation. His predictions are remarkably accurate. Before BTC installed the new ATH, he wrote on the social network that he bought coins with all his money. He is now considered by many to be a price indicator.

In addition to investment and trade, his YouTube channel brings him money. It doesn’t have as many followers as Twitter does, but video content can make a guy $100,000-200,000 a year.

The investor founded the information service CryptoSavingExpert. This business also brings money to him and his partners.

Jordan That Martini Guy Net Worth 2023

You can find out how much money a crypto-blogger has from his Instagram. There is not a word about net worth, but there are luxury cars, expensive vacations, premium housing. According to our estimates, his net worth this year reached $10 million. The man is personally acquainted with CZ, he enters the top events, he knows when to buy and when to sell. This is a very relative assessment, because no one has conducted a deep study before us. If Martini Guy wants to discreetly clarify this data for fans, he can contact us.

If you have been on our site for a long time, then you know that we always evaluate the financial prospects of famous people according to the scheme 1 BTC = $100k. Jordan has the potential to become a $50 million capital gainer.

Jordan TMG Crypto Portfolio

Jordan TMG net worth

A lover of racing and investment always has a moon bag in which promising coins are stored. A man never goes 100% into fiat. This creates some risks, because the market punishes the greedy, but also opens up incredible opportunities. In addition to hundreds of bitcoins, Jordan has altcoins. The largest volume in his portfolio is occupied by EGLD, MATIC and DOT.