The Price of Bitcoin Today: a Healthy Market and a Bright Future

The Price of Bitcoin Today: a Healthy Market and a Bright Future

The latest events on the crypto market give abundant food for reflection as well as great opportunities for its in-depth analysis. There is no point in talking about the recent surge, which pleased all investors. Maybe someone was not that pleased, but it is his/her own problem. It was after the pump that all the most interesting and extremely important for understanding the future development of the market began.

Something lies on the surface and immediately catches your eye. But on the Internet, no one makes any conclusion from the obvious. It’s about the nature of market growth. Let’s look at the table below.

A gradual rise in the price of the top crypto currency strikes the eye, though it is not as fast as many would like to see especially after a jump a week ago. We want to draw your attention to the bitcoin rate, or rather its dynamics. Bitcoin shows the weakest growth among the top 10 crypto currencies. And this is the subject of rejoicing. The picture that we can see really looks like the market.

Above you can see the weekly chart of the BitcoinCash price. Again – the market in action. Although BCH is a bitcoin’s fork, it is an independent currency. Today, we can observe this in practice – Bitcoin wardship has been discarded. Of course, bitcoin will continue to be the flagship of the market, largely determining its state, but still its influence is not what it used to be.

It is also worth paying attention to how strong ETH is now. It is perhaps the most stable for the last 4 months. It is clearly trying to return a ratio of 1 to 10 relative to the price of bitcoin.

We are not seriously considering EOS which caused the recent pump. Its growth was more than speculative. Careful investors could see inadequately large volumes that accompanied the rise of its price. When the daily volume exceeds 10% of the market capitalization of crypto currency, something is clearly wrong.

You may think whatever you want, but we are extremely satisfied with the fall in the rate of Verge (XVG). We have already written that the rise and fall of Verge (XVG) is related to its integration into the Pornhub platform. Most likely, the rate of Verge (XVG) will fall to 0.05 $. This is the market realities, and market pricing is always a good thing. It is for this purpose that crypto currency was created as such. We believe that from this mark, the growth, and very good one, of Verge (XVG) rate may begin. Now you have a chance to buy this currency at a low price. We will publish our investment forecast of this crypto currency price in the section “Price predictions“.

We can make the following conclusion – the market becomes a market. Even a temporary drop of any of the leading crypto-currencies, in terms of investment, should be viewed only as a positive thing. Now there are all the prerequisites to say that the rate of crypto currency will grow slowly and persistently. We hope, no speculative surges will occur. Why is this happening? In our opinion, the market has already experienced the main wave of entering the large capital market, which means that it no longer has to cave in under its weight. But do not think that someone has canceled the volatility of the crypto currency. We are to face more adventures.

P.S. First, we give an investment analysis of the market. If you want to trade, it is unlikely to be useful to you, because short-term fluctuations in the crypto currency rate may be significant, which was not the subject of our today’s analysis.