These are the Most Popular Play-to-Earn Games

These are the Most Popular Play-to-Earn Games

The year 2022 is progressing gradually and the play-to-earn game industry is booming. Play-to-earn games offer players the chance to earn extra money while enjoying their favorite games. These games come in different genres and styles. Gamers can earn money by completing various tasks or interacting with the virtual world.

With hundreds of active games currently in the market, it may be a tad difficult to choose the best play-to-earn games in the market. So what are the most popular play-to-earn games that you can try your hands on right away? That is what this post is all about. Let’s jump right in!

Axie Infinity

Currently, Axie Infinity is the most popular play-to-earn blockchain-based game. The game platform offers players the chance to breed different monsters referred to as Axies. These Axies are then pitted against each other in adventures or the arena.

While Axie Infinity is play-to-earn, it is not free-to-play. Gamers must have a couple of ETH to purchase their first Axies. As they continue to play, they earn tokens in the form of Smooth Love Potion ($SLP) and Axie Infinity Shards ($AXS). AXS is the governance token of the metaverse and the SLP is for breeding new Axies.


MOBOX is a GameFi platform that utilizes $MBOX tokens to improve players’ entertainment and participation. Its revolutionary economic system blends the benefits of NFT and DeFi and uses game systems and financial mechanisms to empower gamers. Players have access to a long-lasting and unique play-to-earn and free-to-play ecosystem.

Players can play to earn by participating in Yield Farming, MOMO NFT mining, Mystery Box, and Games. The different systems in the MOBOX metaverse are horizontally and vertically intertwined. That means gamers can earn income through different methods.

Thetan Arena

This is another popular play-to-earn game platform that players can earn while having fun. It is an esport game built on blockchain technology. Players can collaborate with friends to form teams and battle with others to earn money. The gameplay is designed around a combination of teamwork and personal skills.

Gamers can explore various game modes, including MOBA and Battle Royale, and enjoy some attractive rewards. Players can earn in-game NFTs as they play and sell the same on the marketplace for Fiat money.

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a free-to-play play-to-earn game where players can buy different in-game assets to customize their virtual plots and avatar. It is a multi-player builder game that allows users to buy and own virtual islands, build and collect exciting items and make new friends.

Gamers also have access to in-game assets, including decorations, cosmetics, animals, houses, and veggies. Alice Token is the primary currency in the game and it can be used to buy land, exchange NFTs, and buy different DeFi products, including buyback, staking, and collateralization.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a blockchain-based collectible card game. Gamers get to build card decks and battle with other players using combinations of cards. Each card comes with unique strengths, weaknesses, and stats. Players must understand these to harness them.

The cards can be won or traded with other players. It is worth mentioning that valuable cards are unique NFTs and can be traded in the marketplace. The in-game token for Gods Unchained is $GOD. Players can earn it through tournaments and sell it in the marketplace or use it to acquire better-performing cards.


These are the popular play-to-earn games that players can try their hands on at the moment. These games come with high potential for fun, excitement, and of course, rewards and earnings.