What is Atidium (ATD): Project Prospects and Price Prediction 2023
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What is Atidium (ATD): Project Prospects and Price Prediction 2023

The Atidium project interested the world of cryptocurrency on June 28, 2018, when all EOS holders received new ATD cryptocurrency on their wallets.

What is Atidium?

This is the young project, which was created as a payment system on a blockchain, as well as an application that allows users to optimize the budget, helps to restructure costs and systematize income.

The company’s WhitePaper contains the following statement: «Atidium is a Payments & Budget Management Decentralized Application, Maximizing the Benefits of the Blockchain.»

As of the end of July 2018, Atidium is still a concept, not a working project. The alpha version of the working application will appear only in September 2018. The Roadmap of the project gives us reason to think so.

If Atidium begins to function, its users will be able to convert their savings to the ATD cryptocurrency. With the help of a special application, the funds will be divided into several groups (cells), such as “education”, “savings”, “entertainment” and so on. Funds from each of the group can be spent exclusively on the predefined purpose. In the opinion of the Atidium team, it will allow individuals and businesses to properly manage their money.

The application’s features on the project’s website are very colorful. An entrepreneur will be able to control the expenditure of his / her employees. A loving father will have control over the budget of his student son who can no longer spend money on sex, drugs and Rock’n Roll. It turns out that almost everyone dreams about the gift in the form of ATD tokens and account in the Atidium application.

Atidium (ATD) Cryptocurrency

ATD tokens appeared in all EOS owners’ wallets (even on exchange accounts) in 1: 1 ratio. This is due to the fact that the tokens were created on the EOS platform. 900 million ATD tokens were distributed (60% of their total number) between the users in the form of the airdrop.

As of the end of July 2018, the tokens were not traded on any exchange, and their market value was not determined.

Atidium Project and ATD Сryptoсurrency Perspectives in 2022-2023

The price of the new cryptocurrency will of course depend on the market, but only when it comes there. The stability and growth of the crypto also depends on the project that is behind it. Atidium is a fairly innovative project. But do the users actually need it? We are not as optimistic as the Atidium team. Ask yourself, will the product change your life? Don’t you know how to distribute your money without converting it to ATD?

Atidium (ATD) «should become» a common means of payment. But let’s be objective, even bitcoin is just on the way to do this. To achieve this goal, Atidium promises to issue debit cards that will allow you to withdraw cash from «thousands of ATMs». But the creators of the project do not give any answer on how Atidium will be able to enter the banking system. Instead, we can see many beautiful pictures on the website and in the WhitePaper.

The price of Atidium (ATD) growth will be predominantly speculative. Let’s wait for listings of this cryptocurrency on serious exchanges.