X8X Token Joins the List of Halal Cryptocurrencies

X8X Token Joins the List of Halal Cryptocurrencies

The question of the compliance of cryptocurrency with Sharia law has been relevant since the very beginning of its history. But only in 2018, this question began to be answered. Bitcoin (BTC) and Stellar (XLM) have already become halal (permitted) cryptocurrencies.

Any project that is serious about attracting investment is awaiting confirmation of halality from the Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB). X8 project has recently entered the promising market of the Persian Gulf. Its cryptocurrency X8X Token (Х8Х) now complies with the laws of Sharia, which is confirmed by a special certificate. This means that the token is recognized by the society as a means of payment and is backed by something.

X8X Token is a coin created on the Ethereum platform. Its capitalization corresponds to the gold and currency reserves of the company. This is a stablecoin for exchange operations with zero commissions.

We believe that for ordinary users who do not profess Islam, the compliance of crypto with the laws of Sharia may be one of the indicators of the project’s good faith. It does not guarantee protection from scam. But in combination with other factors, this can indicate good prospects of the coin.

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