XTR Gate, the Perfect Solution for Cryptocurrency Trading

XTR Gate, the Perfect Solution for Cryptocurrency Trading

The cryptocurrency business and trade has been on the go for more than 11 years now. The cryptocurrency industry was introduced with the launch of Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency in the world with respect to capitalization.

With the passage of time, the cryptocurrency industry saw the addition of more than six hundred cryptocurrencies. Even now, several cryptocurrencies are being introduced and gaining a lot of recognition in the crypto-world.

Role of Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the Crypto-Industry

With so many cryptocurrencies being introduced, a huge number of investors started shifting to the crypto-market. As a result, the number of the unique users in the cryptocurrency industry started to see a significant growth. As of now, there are more than 100 million unique users/investors in the cryptocurrency market.

This is where the cryptocurrency exchanges have played a tremendous role in catering to the needs of the crypto-investors. At present, there are around five hundred cryptocurrency exchanges operating around the world. However, there are hardly a handful that are considered to be the top cryptocurrency exchanges.

Some of the basic factors that separates these phenomenal crypto-exchanges from the rest are their goals and aims that they strive to achieve. The first aim of such crypto-exchanges is to become customer-centric rather than hungering for investments. Then, the aims involve educating the customers and empowering them to make their crypto-trading decisions independently. Then the aim is to encourage investors around teamwork, being responsible and focused.

Which Side Did XTR Gate Go With?

Similar to the top cryptocurrency exchanges, the XTR Gate exchange also aims to provide their customers with the most user-friendly, state of the art and dynamic services. It encourages the investors to increase their knowledge through the education program it has readied for them. The main purpose of the education program is to empower them and ready them so they are able to make their own business decisions.

When I first joined XTR Gate, even I had doubts about its service delivery but as the time went by, my confidence started growing in XTR Gate and its claims more and more. To this day, I enjoy investing through XTR Gate and I always find myself surrounded with the most professional, friendly, hardworking, and dedicated team of highly intellectual individuals from XTR Gate.

This is exactly what makes XTR Gate stand-out among the typical exchanges and puts it in the ranks of the top cryptocurrency exchanges/brokerages.

Variety of Investment Accounts You Get to Choose from at XTR Gate

At XTR Gate, it is all about providing the investors with the best trading options. The team at XTR Gate does not believe in imposing all the challenges onto the investors right from the beginning but believe in climbing the ladder slowly and steadily.

This is why in my XTRGate review I am telling you that the broker has ensured that the investors are presented with a variety of trading options. It is upon them to choose the trading account that matches their profile so they can fully grasp the knowledge the particular account before moving onto the next one.

Basic Account

As the name suggests, this is the basic level of trading with XTR Gate. You can make a minimum deposit of €1,000 to gain access to the ‘Basic’ account.

Having the basic account includes services such as daily market news & reviews, daily price alerts, and educational center.

Bronze Account

For the ‘Bronze’ account, you can make a minimum deposit of €10,000 to gain access.

Once you have the account, you have access to services such as daily market reviews, daily price alerts, educational center and an account manager.

Silver Account

You can make a minimum deposit of €25,000 to get ownership of the ‘Silver’ account.

Once you have the access you are eligible for services such as daily market news, price alerts, educational center, webinars, an account manager, wide range of markets to trade in, personalized trading strategy, Islamic account option, and one-on-one trading training sessions.

Gold Account

You can make a minimum deposit of €50,000 to gain access to the ‘Gold’ account.

With the ‘Gold’ account, you have access to all the services that are provided via the ‘Silver’ trading account and access to premier events.

Platinum Account

For a ‘Platinum’ account, you can make a minimum deposit of €100,000.

Once you gain access to this account, all your services turn to VIP, meaning that your profile is given priority over others no matter the query or scenario.

Black Account

If you wish to gain access to the ‘Black’ account, then you are required to get in touch with your account manager and express your intentions. The decision making teams at the XTR Gate review your profile and based on your trading history, you are granted access to the ‘Black’ account.

XTR Gate’s Education Center

This is where XTR Gate gains superiority among other typical crypto-exchanges as it has dedicated an entire team to ensure that the investors are provided with ample amount of knowledge and learning. With the help of these programs, XTR Gate ensures that the investors are empowered to make their own decisions.

Trading News

XTR Gate keeps you posted with the latest trading news based on the type of trading instrument you have. This ensures that you are not left behind in any profitable opportunities and deals.

Video Chart Analysis

You can watch latest videos on the chart analysis of the trading instruments. These videos show you the historical data and trends of the cryptocurrency of your choice so you are able to predict the upcoming events.

Crypto Signals

Crypto signals alert you as soon as there is a change in the trading trends of the cryptocurrency. This feature provides you the opportunity of making full use of the signals and increase your chances of making profits.

Market Weekly Review

The weekly market reviews are shared by the crypto-experts and analysts from XTR Gate. These updates keep you aware of the previous weeks’ asset performance and ready you for the upcoming events related to the cryptocurrencies.

XTR Gate’s Adherence to AML & KYC Policies

When working with any crypto-brokerage, there is always fear of one losing their assets and savings through that brokerage. This is mainly because majority of the brokerages failing in adhering to the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) & Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. As a result, such brokerages lose the right to operate in several countries and at times, such brokerages stop operating altogether leaving the investors in an unclear situation.

However, XTR Gate strictly adheres to the AML & KYC policies as it wants to make sure that it does not get involved into any illegal activities or provide a safe haven to terrorists or money launderers.

Therefofe, do not be surprised if XTR Gate demands you to share your identity and personal information that authenticates your profile. Just keep in mind that XTR Gate does it to keep yours and its interests protected by adhering to the requirements of the law.

Real-time Customer Support Offered by XTR Gate

At XTR Gate, if you ever find yourself facing a difficult situation, you can rest assured as you are in the right hands. The professional and highly skilled customer support team at XTR Gate is available 24/7 to guide you and keep you pointed in the right direction.

Give XTR Gate a Go

It is true that there are other cryptocurrency exchanges that have been in action since the beginning of the crypto-industry and boast catering millions of users under their flag. However, with time these brokerages have increased the minimum deposit requirements and also face challenges in providing assistance to their clients because they have millions of users demanding support at the same time.

This is where you can count on XTR Gate because their user numbers may be low but their response is prompt and efficient. So give XTR Gate a chance to change your lifestyle and your trading experience once and for all.