Raydium (RAY) vs. Orca (ORCA): the best AMMs on the Solana blockchain

Raydium (RAY) vs. Orca (ORCA): the best AMMs on the Solana blockchain

The new blockchain Solana, called “Ethereum Killer,” has been causing a stir lately. At the same time, such a moniker may be slightly exaggerated. Solana may well challenge Ethereum in the rapidly expanding and developing world of decentralized applications.

According to anonymous sources, Solana has many great features, and the team grows between 300 and 450 million USD. Solana ecosystem included more than 250 projects. 

Let’s look at two of the best Solana projects and take a closer look at the Orca vs Raydium opposition.

Orca (ORCA) Benefits

Orca claims to have created a more human-centered trading interface on Solana. For example, a fair price indicator helps determine if a given pool offers a good trade-in in terms of price slippage. This project is still in its early stages. Still, some of the planned features include integration Wormhole.

Using block times of less than a second, Orca allows for fast token trading without permission. In addition, users can give liquidity to pools to receive trading commissions. Orca differs from existing AMMs in that it focuses on providing a simple user experience so anyone can easily exchange tokens and provide liquidity.

The team said that the newly raised funds would improve the capital-efficient of Orca and DEX performance. In addition, the team plans to continue enhancing its open-source TypeScript SDK. It’s to simplify the creation of any project based on Orca smart contracts.

From a technical point of view, the Orca coin review notes that the tool has similarities to Ethereum and is compatible with ERC-20 tokens.

Holders of token ORCA have entrance to all utilities of the service, including:

  • connection of bank accounts and cards;
  • account replenishment with fiat money;
  • integration with the most popular cryptocurrency wallets;
  • free conversion of banking and digital assets;
  • transferring funds to other users;
  • updating the application and installing add-ons;
  • prompt technical support.

There are several ways to purchase ORCA:

  1. Purchase on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  2. Transactions within the platform itself.
  3. Free bonuses for the first participants in the project.

It is important to note that the entire volume of tokens will be generated at the time of the ICO. The system does not provide mining. According to the conditions adopted by the project team, the new cryptocurrency will be distributed in the following proportions:

  • 60% will be sold on the exchange;
  • 20% will be able to receive large partners and other valuable clients for the company;
  • 17% is planned to be transferred to the founders and top managers of the project;
  • the remaining 3% will be a bonus for the most dedicated users.

The main goal of the platform is to combine fiat and digital payment instruments in one online service. The client will not need to go through dozens of authorizations, look for intermediaries for exchange and constantly check the safety of funds in different systems. The intuitive interface will allow you to carry out any operations in a few seconds.

The service is of particular value for business people and owners of commercial sites. Each wallet owner, sooner or later, tries to mine or invest in digital assets and pay for orders using BTC or ETH.

The benefits of ORCA include the following:

  1. Increased demand for cryptocurrencies. Experts expect alternative coins to update their price highs shortly. Any new token can be a profitable investment.
  2. A professional team founded the platform. The application conditions are by European Union Directives and other legal acts. Members can be confident in the reliability and safety of the service.
  3. The founders of the project took into account the interests of users. The commission for transactions does not exceed the average transaction costs in other blockchains. It is comparable to the surcharge for prompt confirmation of transactions in the Bitcoin network.

Raydium (RAY) Benefits

Raydium is AMM and liquidity provider. It’s built on the Solana blockchain. The innovation of Raydium is internal liquidity to the central limit order book. That is why the pools have access to all order and liquidity flows on Serum. The protocol has already generated much interest, breaking the $ 700 million TVL threshold at the end of August 2021. Raydium also launched Fusion Pools, which offer double-rate rewards for both liquidity providers and contributors.

There are several significant advantages of Raydium:

  1. Faster and less expensive. Thanks to the Solana blockchain and its efficiency, transactions on the Raydium network are significantly faster than on the network than Ethereum.
  2. Raydium provides local liquidity for the central Serum DEX order book. So Raydium includes access to the liquidity of all ecosystems of Serum.
  3. Allows traders to place order limits and control the trading process by looking at TradingView charts.

Raydium’s exchange feature allows you to exchange two tokens via Serum quickly. At the same time, DEX’s user interface allows for advanced trading features such as limit orders. It improves the trading experience for users.

The Raydium network commission is 0.25% and consists of:

  • 0.22% are pooled;
  • 0.03% replenish the pool of rates.

Raydium strives to become a leader among AMM and Serum Liquidity Providers (SRM) in the long term. In contrast, it’s leveraging the power of Solana (SOL) to develop DeFi and become the leading protocol in this area along with partners and the community.