YGGDRASH (YEED, YGG) Price Prediction for 2018-2019, Latest News

YGGDRASH (YEED, YGG) Price Prediction for 2018-2019, Latest News

YGGDRASH is a project which has been recently added to CoinMarketCap, and its token has been listed on Bitfinex. Will its price rise? Is it worth investing?


Yggdrash is an ecosystem which will help businesses build blockchain platforms in such areas as cryptocurrency, real estate, and stocks. The company’s representatives are willing to connect everything with blockchain networks. In particular, Yggdrash works on Decentralized Exchange Platform and Remittance (money remittance).

YEED Coin and Its Price

YEED coin is now available at the following crypto exchanges:

  • Bitfinex (please note that it is called YGG there);
  • Ethfinex;
  • Hotbit;
  • Bilaxy.

As of late October 2018, YEED is traded at $0,0016. You can check its current price here.


In October 2018, the company announced Airdrop Plan for private and presale ICO participants. It also published short-term goals, including building “a powerful team with 50 outstanding members”, partnership with new enterprises, and entering the top 80 on Coinmarketcap.

YGGDRASH (YGG) Price Prediction for 2018-2019

Let’s consider some factors that may favorably/unfavorably affect the coin’s price.

Favorable factors are as follows:

  • While many altcoins are suffering from delistings, YEED has gained its place under the sun (at Bitfinex). Futher listings will be triggers of YEED price growth.
  • Generally, the company’s website inspires trust. This is often an indicator of a team’s good business practice.
  • YGGDRASH offers real solutions that may be used by businesses.

Potentially unfavorable factors are as follows:

  • The condition of the cryptocurrency market may hinder YGG price growth.
  • The project has a powerful competitor – ICON – which is much more popular than YGGDRASH.
  • Their Roadmap does not contain much detailed information.

Based on the above factors, we have compiled our YGGDRASH price forecast for 2018-2019.

Period Yggdrash (YEED, YGG) Token Price Predictions
Autumn 2018 $0,0018
December 2018 $0,002
Winter 2019 $0,0025

Disclaimer. This information shouldn’t be treated as investment advice or trading guide. This is solely our opinion, which might be helpful for you.

YGGDRASH (YEED, YGG) Price Prediction for 2018-2019, Latest News
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