QYNO (QNO): Brief Review and Price Prediction 2022-2023

QYNO (QNO): Brief Review and Price Prediction 2022-2023

QYNO, a newcomer to the cryptocurrency market, has interested the community very much. In addition, the coin’s rate allowed many successful traders to earn good money. What will happen next? Find QYNO price prediction below.

QYNO Project

QYNO blockchain platform was created to provide users with faster, more secure, anonymous, and cheaper financial products and services. Representatives of the project believe that bitcoin is already losing its relevance. According to them, QYNO should be a new stage in the development of the crypto industry.

At its core, QYNO is a payment system on the blockchain. It should be used primarily for e-commerce. There is no information about its more extensive functionality on the project website.

QNO Coin

Given the peculiarities of the platform, its core is the QNO token. The coin exists on its own blockchain.

According to the information available on the project website, the cryptocurrency has the following features:

  • special algorithm of anonymity of transactions;
  • almost instantaneous transmissions of any volume;
  • resistance to ASICs.

Network consensus is achieved through a proof-of-stake algorithm and masternode system.

If you want to use the QNO coin, you can download a wallet for this cryptocurrency. Both cold and hot wallets are available on the website.

The QYNO platform is still very young, therefore its coin is available only on two exchanges: Crex24 and CoinExchange. However, the Roadmap promises us that loud listings are still ahead.

QYNO (QNO) Price Forecast 2022-2023

Today, it is still early to talk about the exact price of the coin in the future. However, there are sufficient data for forecasting the dynamics of the QNO value.

The coin entered the market during the flat period, when even bitcoin featured enviable stability. That is why during the first month of trading the price of the crypto was kept at a good level. However, there is not another fact which arouses interest. QYNO Token is an ideal coin for scalping enthusiasts. It has such rate dynamics that within a few days you can earn from 5% to 15% of net profit. However, the same amount can be lost.

There are a number of factors that will positively affect the future development of the project:

  1. Using its own blockchain. Projects that have been developing Mainnet for years are doomed to failure.
  2. A detailed running roadmap. In some instances, it is even too detailed, but this is better than abstract promises.
  3. Plans to expand its presence on stock exchanges.
  4. The presence of various wallets. The team is planning to expand their range.
  5. Using masternodes.

But there are no perfect projects. Something can hinder the success of QYNO:

  1. The promise of guaranteed profit to the owners of masternodes – 404% per annum of the invested amount is confusing. Even if it is not a scam, serious projects cannot give such guarantees in the cryptocurrency market.
  2. Actually, the project has no partners. We hope it is temporary.
  3. The narrow focus of the project and the lack of a multi-functional blockchain platform. Crypto as a means of payment is no longer original.

The features of the platform suggest that it is primarily interesting for miners, not for investors. We assume that the coin has a resource for further growth. We cannot rely on pump. However, $0.40-$0.50 is quite a reachable goal for QNO in the beginning of 2019. New listings and partnerships will contribute to this. But the main rise will be postponed for 2020.

Disclaimer: We have expressed our own vision of the project’s prospects. It cannot serve as a basis for investment or trade.

QYNO (QNO): Brief Review and Price Prediction 2022-2023
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