Ethereum Classic (ETC) 2023 Price Prediction: New Surging Wave?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) 2023 Price Prediction: New Surging Wave?

Ethereum Classic appeared in the middle of 2016 after the Ethereum hardfork. Ethereum Classic is the “custodian” of the original Ethereum source code, however, after changing the name, it is often mistakenly considered a fork of Ethereum. Now it features great stability and price, despite situation on the cryptocurrency market.

In March 2018, holders of this crypto received a drop of Callisto (CLO) in 1:1 ratio. This event was preceded by colossal growth, which was followed by a sharp drop after the airdrop. However, in the summer last year, Classic showed quite good results against the background of the Coinbase report about its listing.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Forecast 2022-2023

The coin is quite dynamic and sensitive to various events in the market. On the one hand, this is good as many “hunters” managed to catch the wave on the news about listings and other updates. On the other hand, this is bad as after news of 51% attack on the network, nothing could stop price plunging to approximately $3.7 mark. The community wasn’t ready for such a painful scenario…

But it is not all that bad. The Ethereum Classic team has announced a policy for BUIDL. A new development department was created. The network will be significantly updated. By the beginning of the second quarter of 2019, the miners and active users of this altcoin should feel the changes.

After the collapse, the coin has stabilized, which means that there will be growth during the year. We don’t expect explosive movements, rather stable increase. Testing the $6 and $8 marks are the main ETC market targets.

In spring 2019, the market began to show signs of “palingenesis”. Bitcoin surged to $5000 mark, which seemed to be unbelievable just 1-months ago. Altcoins also began to recover. Therefore, our hero should gear up soon.

ETC Price Prediction 2022-2023

The team selected the right strategy: the development of technology. Therefore, we expect further growth of Ethereum Classic. 2020 year should be a landmark. If the year starts by overcoming the $10 mark, the bar will be raised quite high.

You can see our ETC price prognostication for 2019 & 2020 in the table below.

Period ETC Price Prediction
Spring 2022 $6
Summer 2022 $8
Fall-Winter 2022 $9
Early 2023 $12

P.S. This information is our estimation. The forecast shows the maximum prices that are possible during the specified period. Keep in mind that the cryptocurrency market is periodically subject to corrections.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) 2023 Price Prediction: New Surging Wave?
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