3-Trillion Market Capitalization by 2030: Cisco’s Report

3-Trillion Market Capitalization by 2030: Cisco’s Report

Cisco Systems, an American multinational technology conglomerate, has issued a report devoted to the perspectives of blockchain (“tech breakthrough megatrend”)

In the preambular part of the document, Cisco experts note that blockchain has a great transforming potential, however, there are challenges to its wider adoption, including the need for industry-specific solutions and interconnectivity of different blockchains.

The report indicates this technology has three key advantages: transparency, complexity, and security, which will help to promote online business and make it better.

The specialists expect a programmable economy to deliver efficiencies, so business value in this sphere will reach $3 trillion by 2030. In addition, 10% of GWP (gross world product) is likely to be stored on blockchain already by 2027.

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It should be noted that Cisco’s report has not only informational but also commercial character. In its last part, they noted that the company is developing blockchain technology for enterprises and trying to bring together ecosystems, industry alliances, and standards.