AdToken (ADT) Price Prediction 2023 and Analysis of Prospects
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AdToken (ADT) Price Prediction 2023 and Analysis of Prospects

The AdToken project has been developed to solve the accumulated problems associated with Internet advertising. The team of this project has created the adChain platform based on Ethereum. Its main task is to protect advertisers from botnet operators who deprive participants of the white ads market about 16 billion US dollars a year.

The innovation of adChain is that users are offered to abandon the outdated CPM incentive system (cost per mille), which cannot protect against fake domains and other ways of traffic manipulation.

AdChain Platform

  1. Artificial intelligence of the platform allows you to get rid of bot-traffic;
  2. Substantially reduces the risk of fraud with traffic;
  3. Allows one to identify fake domains;
  4. Creates a database of trusted domains and publishers.

The platform is fully operational on Ethereum blockchain. There is no talk about MainNet at the moment. For the tasks of the platform, this is absolutely not necessary.

AdToken (ADT) Cryptocurrency

AdToken (ADT) cryptocurrency is used to provide the operation of the adChain platform. It is designed to function within the platform. It has not been created as a common means of payment, in which we see its advantage. After all, if there is a working platform, then the coin will be popular.

AdToken is required to run all processes on this platform. Its owners can vote for or against publishers, make edits and pay for advertising services.

Price of AdToken (ADT)

At the time of release AdToken price was about $0.059. At its peak in January 2018, its price reached 20 cents per coin. The main event for ADT was its listing on Upbit on 23 July,2018. This allowed the cryptocurrency to push off from the bottom and show very rapid and serious growth.

Adtoken (ADT) Price Forecast For 2022-2023

We believe that potential listing ADT on the top-level exchange (Binance) will allow the project to re-assert itself. There is a good working platform behind this crypto. Its functionality is extremely necessary for the Internet advertising market. The main disadvantage of AdToken project is a weak marketing component. But, it seems to us, the beginning of trading on Binance will compensate for it. By the end of the year, we are waiting for listing on other serious exchanges. This will provide an opportunity for speculation, but at the same time will attract new users to the project.

Today there are no visible reasons for continuing the negative dynamics of the ADT course, which we could observe until July 20, 2018. Further growth will depend very much on the market, since the project, although very promising, is still lagging behind its own ambitions. We forecast a smooth growth with jumps and falls against the background of the entrance to various exchanges. If the AdToken command is activated, then you can even wait for quite a good breakthrough. But do not have inflated expectations. It’s better to rejoice in unexpected success once again than to feel the bitterness of disappointment. Filling the information field with news and announcements from AdToken is the priority task of the team of this project.

We have tried to depict the weighted average AdToken (ADT) price forecast for 2018-2019 in the table below.

Period AdToken (ADT) Price Predictions
August 2022 $0,055
Autumn 2022 $0,075
Early 2022 $0,15

Disclaimer: We try to be as objective as possible, but there can be no guarantees in the market for crypto currency. The information base existing at the time of writing the forecast allowed us to draw certain conclusions. If you own other information that can change them – please let us know about it.