Golem (GNT): Price Prediction 2023 and News
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Golem (GNT): Price Prediction 2023 and News

Not a little time has passed since the launch of the Golem project and the GNT coin. The idea of a supercomputer was considered very promising, which affected the price of cryptocurrency. Is it relevant now and will the Golem be able to regain lost ground? Which GNT value corresponds to the market trends?

Golem Project

The idea is to create a global independent market for computing power. With the help of the blockchain, users’ computers are united into the supercomputer. The use of decentralized services and the implementation of a variety of asynchronous tasks allows customers to rent the resources of computers of other users. For landlords, this is not a laborious task for which they will receive a reward. For customers, this means a low computation cost.

Golem also functions as a platform. Any interested user has the ability to create and place their software on the Golem network, including it into a single registry of applications.
The main areas of operation of the platform:

  1. Marketplace – offers for the rental of computing power of the computer(s).
  2. A transaction system based on Ethereum.
  3. A place for hosting and monetizing new software.

Golem Team

Who had a hand in such an interesting project? These are mainly Polish specialists from different fields of knowledge. The founder is Julian Zawistowski. Previously, he worked in the Institute for Structural Research, an independent scientific foundation based in Warsaw. From 2003 to 2004, he even held a position in the National Bank of Poland. In his Twitter account, he retweets the project’s main page. In fact, he doesn’t write a personal blog, unlike Vitalik Buterin or Changpeng Zhao.

If you are wondering who else is working on the supercomputer ecosystem, please visit the official website. By the way, there you can find information about open vacancies.

GNT Cryptocurrency

Golem Network Tokens is needed, first of all, to establish financial relations between all users. This cryptocurrency acts as a reward for the transfer of  computing power. Software monetization is also possible thanks to this token. In comparison with ATH, the coin slipped about 20 times. For altcoins, this is an acceptable figure.

You can buy the coin on many well-known exchanges, including Binance, UPbit, Huobi Global, HitBTC. The list does not end there, but it makes no sense to mention sites with small volumes.

Golem (GNT) Coin News

In March 2019, the Ethereum Community Conference will be held. The Golem team will take part in it. Probably, there will be presented some ideas for the development of the project.

On February 20, 2019, the blockchain update called Brass Golem Beta 0.19.0. was presented. The full functionality of the ecosystem is currently available only in the testnet.

GNT Price Forecast 2022

The prediction for Golem within this year depends on many factors. We’ve divided them into two groups.

Growth catalyst factors are as follows:

  • The platform is in demand even during a standstill in the market.
  • The coin is traded on popular exchanges.
  • The network is improving with enviable frequency.

Determinants of resistance:

  • The project is very slowly gaining popularity in the world. Golem.network website is visited by less than 100k people per month, with more than 20% of visits from Poland.
  • Long-term development plans have not been properly disclosed.

Thus, the project has some fuel in its tank. However, there is no room for complacency. The team’s efforts should not stop there.

GNT trading volumes are gradually becoming higher. This suggests that by the middle of 2019 the cost of the coin could reach $0.09. In the case of such an increase, by the end of 2019 it can even touch $0.2 mark.

Golem 2023 Price Prediction

The cost of the coin in 2020 should be quite high. In our opinion, that the repetition of ATH can happen only in 2020. But one should not unconditionally count on this. Without a serious network update, this would not be possible. In the case of a positive market development, $0.8 per coin would be the reasonable and fair value of the Golem for the next year. Do not forget to analyze the popularity of the platform itself. Its growth should determine the dynamics of the price much more than in the case of many other tokens.

Disclaimer: we’ve analyzed possible scenarios for the development of the project, but we do not give advice for investing. This is a subjective assessment regarding the likely value of GNT.

Golem (GNT): Price Prediction 2023 and News
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