What Is NKN: Future Prospects Analysis and Price Prediction
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What Is NKN: Future Prospects Analysis and Price Prediction

A young project named NKN (New Kind of Network) wants to lead “internet revolution”. Its team is developing a project to change the architecture of the Internet for its decentralization and better security.

“NKN is a new kind of network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by blockchain for an open, decentralized, and shared Internet.” That’s how its creators describe the new technology.

The NKN team aren’t common guys. The idea of changing the principles of the functioning of Internet technologies has brought together 12 scientists who made a significant contribution to Linux, Microsoft, Google, and Oracle development. You know, there are no many projects that have such scientific potential.

NKN (New Kind of Network) Technology

NKN’s goal is to ensure the operation of a decentralized data network. It is aimed at ensuring maximum decentralization of the network, which will consist of many independent nodes, namely “cellular automata”. In addition, the technology offers a new solution for blockchain scalability, which is based on the mechanism of Proof of Relay (proof of transmission).

Now NKN (New Kind of Network) is working on the Firefox test-net launched on June 16, 2018. This means that the platform is still at the development stage.

Future Prospects of NKN

Today, this is the most technologically backed up and theoretically grounded project for Internet decentralization. But let’s look at the situation from different angles.

Positive factors:

  1. A team of really talented scientists;
  2. A new technology, which is such not only in words but also in deeds;
  3. Relevance, as the Internet increasingly feels the need for decentralization.

Negative factors:

  1. Marketing – marketing policy is very weak;
  2. Poor interactivity – the web-site and the accompanying documentation are hardly understandable for ordinary users and blockchain enthusiasts;
  3. NOT accessibility – there are no explanatory work on the advantages of the project among ordinary users.

NKN Cryptocurrency

In May 2018, before launching the Testnet, the world had seen NKN’s cryptocurrency, which fuels the platform. It was created on the protocol called NEP-5. NKN will be used as a reward to network participants who will act as “network cells” that transmit information.

NKN’s cryptocurrency is now traded on Gate.io and Switcheo Network exchanges. Its starting price was about $0.37.

NKN Price Prediction 2018-2019

We always look positively at the cryptocurrencies that are created for the work of the blockchain platforms. This means that the crypto will somehow be in demand. But its growth and investment attractiveness depends on many factors.

Positive factors:

  1. Innovative platform with an excellent base;
  2. Reliable team;
  3. The opportunity to be listed on flagship exchanges;
  4. Growth of the market in general.

Negative factors:

  1. Very little information about the NKN cryptocurrency;
  2. Technology is not understood by simple users and investors;
  3. The use of NKN is «intranetwork», which means no one should expect enormous growth.

Let’s draw conclusions. The project is really powerful. If you compare it with competitors, then it is perhaps the most thoughtful and reasonable. But the NKN team probably forgot why they started work on the project. Sometimes it seems that for them it is not more than scientific work. It’s time to remember that the success of the project will be brought by ordinary users, not scientists. What about creating the “NKN in simple words” section on the project’s web-site?

The price of NKN in 2018-2019, of course, will depend on the market. But listings on the top exchanges will be the key factors. Now NKN is close to be listed on Binance. This will be a turning point.

The planned Testnet updates are unlikely to lead to the NKN pump. This did not happen on June 16, 2018. Will it happen in future?

But the transition to mainnet in March 2019 would make a big difference. We believe that at that time NKN will have all chances to be rigidly pumped.

You can see our NKN price forecast in the table below.

Period NKN (NKN) Price Prediction
August 2018 $0,25
Autumn 2018 $0,3
Early 2019 $0,4 – 0,45

Disclaimer: NKN is still a young project. Its team can either draw the right conclusions or lose its potential. This will greatly affect the price of NKN in the future. Analyze the project documentation independently. Perhaps your conclusions will differ from ours.