Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Prediction 2023
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Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Prediction 2023

ZIL cryptocurrency has been created to ensure the work of a new but already quite well-known platform called Zilliqa. The coin was created on Ethereum blockchain, but recently received its own one.

Zilliqa (ZIL) Сryptocurrency

ZIL appeared in trading on January 26, 2018. Its price was $0,13 that day. Further Zilliqa showed both ups and downs. In June 2018, the downward trend led to decrease in its price in comparison with that on the start of trading. In just six months, some people managed to get rich, while some went bankrupt with this crypto. Read more about this crypto in our basic article: ZIL Review. 

The Zilliqa project is called a potential competitor for Ethereum. What should you expect from its cryptocurrency?

ZIL Coin News

In the end of August 2018, the company launched smart contracts on sharded architecture. In September, it introduced supporting multiple GPUs for a single machine on the local testnet. In the beginning of October, it opened new office in London (Great Britain). On 31 January, 2019, the team notified the community about the launching of Mainnet. After this remarkable update, the company plans to release a blockchain-powered advertising supply chain in partnership with Mindshare, and a ZIL-powered exchange (Hg exchange) in collaboration with MaiCoin.

In general, the team is high-spirited and industrious, it participates in different blockchain events and holds seminars on working with smart contracts on the platform.

On March 21, 2019, this cryptographic currency was listed on Coinbase.

Coinbase Custody continues to add new assets. At the same time, according to Brian Armstrong, CEO of this exchange, the listing was made based on the interests and wishes of customers. This means that ZIL is interesting for the crypto community.

Zilliqa (ZIL) Cryptocurrency Prospects

The success of the cryptocurrency directly depends from the success of the platform behind it. Visit our website more often, so as not to miss the upcoming Zilliqa project review.

There are some factors that give serious hopes for ZIL investors. We’ve also found one unfavorable factor. Let’s look at them.

Positive Factors:

  1. This is an innovative platform that switched to its own Mainnet;
  2. The highest transaction speed on the platform should make the coin popular;
  3. A large choice of exchanges, where you can trade Zilliqa;
  4. Serious investors have already invested in the project.

Negative Factors:

  • It will be almost impossible to win the battle against Ethereum.
  • That’s all. If you have heard about Zilliqa bugs, tell us about them as soon as possible.

ZIL Price Prediction

The collected information on the Zilliqa project and its cryptocurrency should be approached in its entirety. We believe that the shortcomings that have been noticed by us will not lead to the total depreciation of this asset. The launch of the Mainnet became a noteworthy event in the life way of the project. Projects planned to be implemented in 2019 will determine the investment future of the coin. We believe it will be quite cheerful. Current bullish trends on the crypto market may help the coin to recover after bearish “injury”.

We do not conceal: this crypto has long been in our portfolio. This is not advertising, since we haven’t received a single token from ZIL team. But we still advise you to pay attention to their crypto.

Look at our forecast of the price of this coin in the table below.

Period Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Predictions
Spring 2022 $ 0.025
Summer 2022 $ 0.04
Fall-Winter 2022 $ 0.06-0.08

ZIL price in 2020 may soar to new heights. It depends on technological solutions and innovations, which will be offered by the project’s team.

Disclaimer: It is necessary to assess the investment prospects of cryptocurrency using a comprehensive, complete, objective and, most importantly, direct investigation of the facts. Doing so, we have drawn conclusions, which, nevertheless, are subjective. Do not take them as the truth in the last resort.

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Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Prediction 2023
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