NCash (Nucleus Vision) Price Prediction 2022-2023: Is There a Room for Growth?

NCash (Nucleus Vision) Price Prediction 2022-2023: Is There a Room for Growth?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a high-potential area for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Nucleus Vision offers new solutions to grey-headed problems and introduces an innovative technology to take full advantage of the crypto in retail trade. Reformatory approach might provide NCash coin with a good likeliness for growth. But will these opportunities be implemented?

Nucleus Vision Project

This is a platform for IoT, which should provide informatisation of the retail industry around the world. The blockchain tech, according to the ideas of the NV team, should create an interactive link between the seller of goods / services and his client, providing the latter with necessary information about the counterparty.

How does the network work? It is understandable from the illustration below (source: official website):

ncash coin news

Achievability of the noble goal is made possible thanks to the tetrad of soultions:

  1. ION Sensor. This is a set of sensors that collect info about the subjects (retailers, clients) and objects of trade (offline identification system is the pivotal achievement).
  2. NCash Pay. This is a payment system for NCash altcoin. It easily integrates into a company’s website and allows any user to make quick and cheap payments for goods & services.
  3. NEURON (data collection network).
  4. ORBIT (block-platform data exchange).

In neuroanatomy, ‘nucleus’ means a cluster of cell bodies of neurons in the nervous system. ‘Nucleus colonies’ mean small honey bee colonies. The company’s website features the image of the human’s head depicted by the interconnected lines amidst the background of something like a honeycomb. (This is our subjective interpretation.)

NCash Coin in a Nutshell

The token was created to ensure electronic cash flow in the global retail system. It functions in ERC-20 ecosystem, which makes it convenient for large-scale use. NCash Pay system supports any ERC-20 wallet, so the coin’s usage in everyday life is indubitably comfy.

This cryptographic currency is offered by:

  • Binance;
  • Huobi;
  • UPbit;
  • Bittrex;
  • Bitrue;
  • other less popular ‘cyberexchanges‘ (Crex24, WazirXBitbns).

NCash News

Wanna keep abreast of current news about the project and its cryptocoin? Then visit NCash Twitter page on Twitter and their website. The latest tidings are also posted on Medium.

A fresh update:

Company management took part in the 59th SKOCH Summit in New Delhi. Abhishek Pitti, CEO of Nucleus Vision, discussed the need to build a solid foundation for a thriving economy in the Indian blockchain ecosystem. He emphasized the importance of adapting the blockchain to combat management fraud, unscrupulousness and corruption. 

Unluckily, news section on the site updates infrequently, despite posting of truly iconic events and convenient presentation (events are grouped by month and presented to the public in the form of a report for the past period).

For instance, a cooperation with the Russian-based multinational e-commerce platform FLOGmall, which sells home appliances, mobile devices and other gadgets, was the key highlight of 2018. A new iPhone is now available with NCashFLOGmall supports bitcoin, ether, and a dozen of other cryptocurrencies.

NCash future development plans in ‘compressed’ form (roadmap screenshot):

Roadmap is intelligible, and the team’s plans are far-reaching (until 2021). However, it represents just goals, not actions to achieve them.

Nucleus Vision Price Prediction 2022-2023

NCash forecast for 2019 is determined by several fundamental factors. Not all of them speak in favor of a rise in the price. It is worth considering the balance of all the pluses and minuses.

The following factors might elevate chances of the coin’s recovery:

  • The project aims at mass adoption. The principal features of NV are intelligibly disclosed on the company’s website. IoT solutions are described both in two words and on two pages. A user friendly environment is ensured.
  • The coin has been listed by top exchanges. This indicates recognition by market leaders amidst the struggle with shitcoins in trading lists.
  • After the crushing collapse in 2018, the token has an inviting price to invest.
  • IoT-focused technologies will be relevant in the coming years.

The following factors may significantly limit the growth prospects:

  • Competition in the market. The MIOTA (IOTA) platform, which sets goals similar to NV, seems to be more fundamental.
  • The reputation of the ‘pump-and-dump token’ which is difficult to get rid of after 2018-2019 crisis.
  • NCash is a market-dependent coin.

The mix of factors dispassionately suggests that NCash prediction cannot be called pessimistic. But it cannot promise the moon and the stars. The coin slowly but surely regains lost price positions. Reaching $0.0025 mark by late 2019, and $0.005 by spring 2023 would be ideal. But this is the best-case scenario, rather than intermediate steps to new heights.

Period NCash Price Prediction
Early 2023 $0.0027
Spring 2023 $0.0055
Summer 2023 $0.0060

If the team shows a sober attitude towards Buidl, this might elevate chances for mass adoption with subsequent momentous price leap. But, in our humble opinion, this won’t happen before 2023.

Disclaimer: We analyzed the features of the project and its cryptocurrency, making conclusions that may differ from yours. Remember that the crypto market is associated with substantial risks, which means this prognostication should be considered only as a guide for your own research.