Amazon Will Launch Blockchain Constructor on Ethereum, So Don’t Bury It

Amazon Will Launch Blockchain Constructor on Ethereum, So Don’t Bury It

Experts and investors were going to bury Ether, but Amazon Managed Blockchain appeared on the horizon. Yes, Amazon, one of the world’s largest companies, launches a blockchain builder on the basis of Ethereum platform, which is going through hard times.

The builder will help clients to develop blockchain networks without spending costs on creating their own platforms. According to AWS (Amazon Web Services), the service will scale to thousands of apps and will allow people to run a huge amount of transactions on the basis of Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum. The first one is available today, and Ethereum is coming soon.

In mid-August, Arthur Hayes called ETH “a double digit shitcoin”. Unfortunately, the forecast of BitMex CEO came true but not for long: Ether soon got out from under the 100-dollar bar, which de facto became a support. The cryptocurrency fell 14 times (from approx. $1,400 All-Time-High). But it is not all that bad.

Besides the described piece of news, several others might positively influence Ethereum. Firstly, Vitalik Buterin received a Honorary Doctorate from The University of Basel (the Oldest Swiss University) due to his contributions to the development of decentralized solutions in the financial area. Secondly, Constantinople upgrade could happen as early as on January 16th, it will introduce five improvements, including decrease of excessive gas costs (EIP 1283) and more efficacious transactions (EIP 145).

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