Crypto Casey Net Worth and Income: How Rich Is She?

Crypto Casey Net Worth and Income: How Rich Is She?

Crypto Casey (her real name is Casey Henry) is a popular blogger who talks about investing and trading cryptocurrencies. She launched a learning platform so that more people can learn about blockchain and bitcoin. This brought her a good income. Unlike most bloggers in this market, she does not show off a luxurious life, does not try to appear as a market maker or a whale. This adds interest to her financial situation. How rich is she now and was she really able to increase her capital thanks to cryptocurrencies?

Crypto Casey Income

Casey started out as a talented SEO specialist. She even wrote a detailed guide to promoting content on Google, which is used by many site owners. It first appeared on the cryptocurrency horizon in 2017. This is not surprising, because this year was the strongest bull run in the history of the market. She did not give exact information about her investments, but, most likely, on the general growth, she was able to create a very good start-up capital.

An analysis of her activities on the Internet indicates that the source of her income is consulting, information and educational services. The monetization of social networks remains very important for her. This cannot bring a lot of money, but a woman can definitely count on 100-200 thousand dollars a year.

Casey Henry is constantly sharing his predictions on the movements of the cryptocurrency market. It is not known whether she is engaged in trading. She definitely has some savings in top coins. She bought some of them in 2016-2017. The woman was able to get a good profit from the investment.

How Much Crypto Does Casey Henry Have?

The expert and blogger prefers the main cryptocurrencies. She believes that bitcoin and ethereum are the most serious digital assets, so her reviews are mostly devoted to these coins.

She does not reveal the exact amount of BTC and ETH she holds in her wallet. We believe that she may have about 10 bitcoins and 100 ethereum coins.

Casey Henry is skeptical about pump and dump projects. She always tries to warn subscribers against investing in mem-coins or one-day projects. Someone manages to make 1000%, but the woman is a supporter of a more conservative trade.

Crypto Casey Actual Net Worth

This woman is successful in her work and has been working with high-risk digital assets for a long time. She is far from the richest representative of the crypto community. Casey is an opinion leader, but not a list of Bitcoin millionaires. Its net worth can be estimated at $1 million. Such conclusions are based on the nature of its activities, popularity on YouTube and Twitter, open data on current assets.

Its main goal is to educate the maximum number of people in the culture of using cryptocurrencies. She never positioned herself as the most successful trader who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars from every trade. She quietly continues to build her investment portfolio. The woman has secured a decent life for herself. She does not buy luxury villas or luxury cars, but she lives quite richly.