EHR Data Advocates for Health Data Ownership in New Campaign

EHR Data Advocates for Health Data Ownership in New Campaign

EHR Data has launched the movement, EHR Data Wavemakers, calling for a much-needed change in the healthcare industry of giving back ownership of health data to individuals. Through the digital campaign “My EHR Story,” people from all walks of life with experiences of miscommunication between healthcare professionals or institutions due to data sharing or retrieval failure are encouraged to share their stories on social media using the hashtag #myEHRstory. This aims to create awareness, educate and empower individuals to own their data.

“We must get people fired up about owning their data so that they can be empowered to own their health. It’s going to take a groundswell of people demanding change—making waves—to change the tides on data ownership and access,” Tracy Hill, EHR Date EVP, said.

EHR Data has partnered with Bitcoin SV to build this healthcare platform on its blockchain, which is an economically incentivized network that can handle huge amounts of data at the lowest transaction fees. Bitcoin SV is committed to placing value on data, and this value should benefit individuals, as well as businesses. Right now, only huge companies are profiting off of people’s data, and this is what Bitcoin SV and EHR Data are striving to change.

Giving back health data ownership and control to individuals is part of EHR Data’s broader plan of building a global healthcare database on the Bitcoin SV blockchain that provides real-time access to all stakeholders in the industry—whether they be from clinics, hospitals, research institutes, pharmacies and insurance companies. Patients also have the benefit of earning revenues from their medical records. Research institutes, for instance, can make use of their data and they will be paid accordingly if they agree.

“Times are changing, and a greater focus is being placed on interoperability and the patients’ absolute right to increased access to their health data. We will spearhead and shepherd this process; it’s high time that there was a centralized location for healthcare data, controlled and permissioned by the patient that they and their team of providers can access at any time,” EHR Data Chief Scientist Ron Austring explained.

Imagine if this kind of global healthcare database was already in place before the pandemic started, then it would not have been as difficult to track patient symptoms and provide more accurate diagnosis and information about coronavirus. The development of a vaccine could have started earlier and scientists would have had easier access to broader data. Healthcare agencies from different states and from all over the world could have worked together more efficiently if they had access to the same healthcare data updated in real time. The disastrous effects of the pandemic could have been prevented and many lives saved. And this is why it is imperative for a call to action to be made. Share your stories now and claim your data; become part of a movement that will revolutionize the future of healthcare.

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