Electroneum (ETN) Price Prediction 2023 [Updated Edition]

Electroneum (ETN) Price Prediction 2023 [Updated Edition]

Electroneum (ETN) is a mobile cryptocurrency, customized for the modern user. To assess the prospects of the ETN token, we need to understand the features of this mobile platform, which is going off the beaten track.

Electroneum Ecosystem

Electroneum is a system for instant payments between customers and sellers of goods and services. The mobile platform is on the stage of improvement but already has an ample functionality. The philosophy of the product is its availability. All useful features fit in the application for smartphones on various operating systems.

Electroneum has long been available for Android. The app version for iOS recently appeared on Appstore, allowing the company to cover extra multi-million market.

Anyone who installs an application on their smartphone will be able to make payments in ETN cryptocurrency. The developers promise that soon Bitcoin transactions will be opened. In fact, the application is also a convenient crypto wallet. However, developers have not provided specifics regarding security of the wallet. We also cannot definitively conclude about it.

The nearest plans of the company include the creation of an e-commerce system, which can be integrated with payment terminals.

ETN Mobile
Image source: https://electroneum.com/

Electroneum (ETN) Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency is a means for instantaneous payments and an e-commerce system. Its begetters believe that their token will soon become a popular payment method.

ETN mining is unusual both in concept and in implementation. If you download Electroneum app, you will get a mining farm in your pocket. Its profitability is poor, but is constant earning small ETN quantities is nice and pleasurable. To increase interest in supporting the work of the network, the creators have entered into collaborations with some mobile operators (Claro, TIM, Vivo and Oi) willing to accept recharging (topping up) mobile airtime with mined ETNs.

Where to buy Electroneum (ETN)? According to Coinmarketcap, the following crypto exchanges have listed the coin:

  • KuCoin;
  • HitBTC;
  • Cryptopia;
  • Bitbns;
  • Coinbene;
  • Cryptomate;
  • Liquid;
  • TradeOgre & some others.

So the cryptocurrency is not available on the most popular exchanges. Binance froze in anticipation of a price breakthrough or mass adoption.

ETN Price Prediction 2023

This altcoin has fallen significantly in price in 2022. To be completely fair, then the whole history of this coin is a fall with dreams of former skyscrapers. Cryptocurrency has depreciated terribly, probably due to the long absence of full-fledged functionality. However, some Reddit regulars believe that this cryptocurrency is the future, in particular thanks to the mobile miner and instant payment technology. The Brazilian market has been successfully tested; this coin is popular in this country for replenishing a mobile account. In addition, ETN is a cryptocurrency that can be easily found on Google and has over 2.5 million registered users.

The Electroneum team reports that the platform is fully operational. The stable and efficient operation of the network should help the token attract investors.

The best exchanges have yet to list the mobile coin but are tracking it. We expect this to happen within 6 months with listing-driven cryptocurrency growth. Binance is the main hope of the project to increase the sales market.

A fly in the ointment is necessary to maintain the objectivity of the analysis. During the work, the team attracted 5% of the planned number of users. The number of active users is actually hidden and not visible to the global audience. Don’t be discouraged, because we are talking about platform users, not bidders. But the degree of expansion is indicative and should be taken into account by stakeholders.

Technical Analysis: Electroneum Price

Electroneum price prediction

Restrained targets for the coin – good growth and profit for investors, but without the phenomenal indicators that were in the past years. On the chart above, you can see growth targets.

Even in a negative scenario, you should count on the market (major player, market maker – call it what you want) to hunt for liquidity, which has accumulated above the $0.004 zone. After the squeeze movement, further goals become more obvious.

Profit-taking should be started after the price tests the level of $0.005 and then $0.0066. The general bullish trend that will last until the end of 2023 does not negate the fact that throughout the existence of the coin, its tops continue to decline.

Will Electroneum rise? Our 2023 forecast:

Period Electroneum (ETN) Price Prediction
Winter 2023 $0,004
Spring 2023 $0.05
Summer 2023 $0.066
Autumn 2023  $0.07

Its rate in 2023 can show pretty good dynamics. This product is dependent on the mass acceptance, but comfy for ordinary users instills optimism.

Electroneum News

Cryptocurrency users for smartphones are waiting for its listing on top exchanges. There were rumors on the forum about the high probability of ETN entering the Binance orbit, but something went wrong. We do not rule out deliberate misinformation and artificial inflating of trading volumes.

The introduction of the KYC (know your customer) procedure was a definite step forward. This should help the project move forward and offer ETN as payment for goods, services, and products. Consequently, the cryptocurrency will become more in demand.

Disappointing factor: the Electroneum site does not spoil users with information about events. News every 3 months? Our site publishes the necessary information much more often.

Soon users will receive:

  • The regular operation of the instant payment mechanism.
  • Gig economic platform (for free market with independent freelancers for short-term engagements; “gig” is a slang word which means a job for a specified term).
  • Detailed catalog of sellers accepting ETNs.
  • Tutorial for commercial clients.

You will understand our restraint (although we remain in the position of subsequent growth) if you start looking for fundamental events planned for the near future. The project is definitely losing the information war.

Disclaimer: We have expressed our outlook regarding the prospects of this cryptocurrency. Your opinion may differ from ours. You should not make serious investments based on one point of view.

Electroneum (ETN) Price Prediction 2023 [Updated Edition]
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