Everipedia (IQ) Switched to Its Own Blockchain
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Everipedia (IQ) Switched to Its Own Blockchain

The main blockchain encyclopedia is now completely independent. On August 9, 2018, Everipedia (IQ) started its work on its Mainnet.

Now users of the encyclopedia will be able to earn IQ cryptocurrency for their activity on the platform.

By the way, we have already reviewed this project and its cryptocurrency. Find out more about Everipedia (IQ) by following the link.

The blockchain encyclopedia developers have great hopes for the Mainnet. They believe that from today the platform will be completely independent of donations and advertising, and will also became self-sufficient.

Now Everipedia will become even more different from Wikipedia, editing which is available to anyone who has an Internet connection. The project moves from the usual web hosting service to the blockchain, and hence the new URL. Now becoming an active participant of the encyclopedia is a little more difficult task, but in return you can get a lot of nice bonuses. While Wikipedia constantly asks you for financial assistance, Everipedia gives you the opportunity to earn money.

Former Wikipedia main editor Larry Sanger has a very positive attitude towards the launch of Everipedia’s Mainnet. He is delighted that for the first time, users will have the opportunity to vote and create articles on a decentralized platform. Interestingly, he called the Mainnet “minimally viable”. This means that the network will be upgraded many times.

If you don’t know, we inform you that Larry Sanger is an active member of Everipedia.

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